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Gin. Basis. Guns and roses. Also, golden revolver little known facts because nobody cares about that band. Either. No, this isn't about this, isn't that? No, this is an actual rock band because those vans still sell albums Phil still by appetite. Joe is the Kagan the short shorts wearing kid that. No, that's AC DC. Okay. Get your rock and roll. Confuse my irrelevant rock bands. It's the year two thousand nineteen. It's not nineteen Eighty-nine you, okay. You just had a guy that was only popular for what three seasons in. This guy was Bobby Lynn forever. Who is that the league is somehow? Sure more people know who that is now than enough stuff in at a rock concert. What's yes? So remember, we did the cover band thing down at a he was doing. He was part of the biggest guns and roses cover band in the world. Because he was part of the band. So I got to immune Troy introduced him on the stage. Awesome news, a lot of fun re there for that read out there that night, man. I don't remember that at always down to Smirnoff whatever it's called. Now. The knows awesome, dude. It was a blast. He's really nice guy..

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