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Up three runs in five innings the keeps outcome the Orioles atop the AL East by one -and -a -half games over the Rays. I'm Dave Ferri. AP news for this Saturday July 29th I'm Jackie Quinn about half the country sweltering heat advisories are still up in the southwest and Phoenix. Most of the Deep South Kansas City and St. Louis and in New York. it's tough but you got to push yourself this jogger was braving temperatures in the 90s which feel more like 100 the degrees Salvation Army in the Bronx has opened some of the dozens of cooling centers in the city. Very dangerous for people some people die. A cool front should snap the East Coast Heat and Arizona will see temperatures dropping by Monday with the monsoon season arriving police in Seattle are investigating a mass shooting in a parking lot where community events were taking place Friday night two men are in critical condition Secretary of State Antony Blinken on a multi nation visit in the Pacific is warning a military overthrow in Niger could jeopardize US funding if the president is not returned to office condemning the actions that have taken place in Niger calling for the immediate release of President Basu Poland's prime minister says more than 100 mercenaries from the Russian Wagner group have moved close to his border with Belarus millions of Shiite Muslims are observing Ashura the national day of mourning for some it was Friday but in Lebanon today and a Hezbollah leader has a warning here's our Karen Chalmers Lebanon's Hezbollah leader has urged Muslims to punish those who desecrate the Quran if governments fail to do so in recent incidents in Sweden and Denmark the city of San Francisco is investigating Twitter for a giant X sign that cropped up on its downtown building a big jackpot Tuesday night for Mega millions no first prize winner Friday night this is AP news the upcoming papal visit to Portugal I'm Walter Ratliff religion with the minute thousands of volunteers gathered in Portugal this week at a special mass for a festival set to gather young Catholics from all over the world Pope Francis arrives in Lisbon next Wednesday to participate in World Youth Day the Portugal rally is being held in the midst of a scandal in that country over the church's reckoning with its legacy of clergy abuse a panel of experts reported in February that more than 4 ,800 Portuguese girls boys and had been abused since 1950 Pope Francis is expected to meet with victims during his visit but that not may be enough Antonio Grosso says he was traumatized by abuse he experienced at a former religious shelter for boys in the 1960s he says that not officially addressing the history of abuse during next week's events perpetuates the problem the church in Portugal has apologized and it's working with Portugal's main victim Support Association I'm Walter Ratliff and I'm Jackie Quinn AP news Alejandro Kirk had a pair of home runs in San Diego Espinal went yard to lead Toronto past the LA Angels 6 -1 at Rogers Center Espinal's 2 -1 blastoff starter Reid Edmers made it 2 -1 Jays in the fifth while Kirk hit his fifth 6th and 6th of the season in consecutive at bats in the seventh and eighth innings I feel a lot more comfortable when I'm I when got my pitch when I'm looking for my pitch instead of me chasing so yes and that's why I have to make that adjustment. Angels the fielder Taylor Ward left the game in the fifth after being hit in the side of the head by Toronto starter Alec Manoa. John leathery Toronto the Tigers turned a bullpen day into a five -nothing shutout of the Marlins Miguel Cabrera had two hits and scored once against his ex -team. It was perfect game win 244 Glad to see my heater is gonna be one of my special day in my my career. Akhil Badu put Detroit ahead with a three -run blast in the second inning. That was followed by a solo shot from Riley Green in the sixth. Five pitchers combined seven on a -hit shutout with winning hurler Joey Wentz going four and two -thirds after opener Bo Briski worked the two frames. I'm Dave Ferry. Thank you for listening to the AP Radio Network. Hey did you know that the Associated Press produces news related books? Here's what's new and upcoming. First pet presidential dogs

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