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No good the rams afford to lose ogle tree yes the mission yeah absolutely absolutely he's good football there's no question about that when you look at us think about this and they also got a payback that goal aristotle yadav pay him so he knows your los angeles wales start thinking they're gonna hear life man cave guy and this guy's phone command about twenty billion dollars a year that's how in donald is education so install a whole take it from them because i'm just looking at their right now you've got listen you've got brock is than donald of course you gabow when you've got quinn uh i'm wondering you know what again could you afford to lose oguchi but i definitely get your point you abroad your priority has to be taken care of amer dhanra but here's the question with the departure of him and the departure of bennett who's the tough the loss fourteen to take it's going to be tougher for la to deal with that with the absence of all who trio's it'll be tough was the seahawks the deal with the absence of bennett i'm gonna say because because i'm i'm a big believer in this debate closer to the cocoa in the more impactful you're watching football the more important you are and that's not a fight against uh autry you could up he's a really good one back with michael bennett or specs games because he's he's an interior passrushing not many guys that can question quarterback from the in defense of alive so i think the bigger here is seattle trading away michael bennett couple of these on out of here uh you see what's going on in minnesota uh you hear them talking about kirk cousins but they've got it three threeheaded mazda owed to actually because teddy bridge what is going to be going with key them and sam bradford you hear incur cousins name in minnesota he he recur cousins names with the new york jets ought to a lesser degree to denver broncos or what have you will you think kirk because he should want to go.

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