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Healthy and is dead so ever since then I can't even think about dungeons and dragons because I'm still not over the death of the Taliban. Wow. What a great question way to traumatize again, led to a very touching and kind of nerdy moment from Chris town. What is your name where you from my name's dust, and I'm from Saint Louis, Missouri. All right, Dustin. What's your question? Chris. All right. If you could have a dream match with any person or persons dead or alive who would it be in? What would the stipulation b? I think what I go through like my three heroes when I was a kid. We're Shawn Michaels. Ricky the dragon steamboat who is also here on this ship. I will be doing a live talk is Jericho with the dragon. And the other one was on heart, and I got to work with Sean extensively. I got to work with steamboat a bunch of times, I never got to work with own heart. And one of the reasons why I left WCW to go to WVU if you had a list of a hundred reasons one of the the eighty reasons or ninety the law reasons was like, maybe we'll get a chance to work with them one heart and before I got there he passed away. So I never had the chance to work with on would've loved to have worked with them. And I would've loved to work with him as a motivated performer because I felt he's a guy when the other cat asked. How wrestling is changed Owen? Heart would be so mazing in this day and age in this in this era because he was such a pioneer and such a revolutionary when it came to the style the modern hybrid of Japanese European Calgary style American style. He was a great character. But he was so smooth in the ring that if he had guys to work with that knew how to do that with him and draw that out. Out of him. I guarantee he would he would be still remembered as he was, but he would have been even better if he would have got a chance to work with Eddie dean, Chris Jericho or Rawlins rains. Kenny, Cody like, that's Owens wheelhouse. So, yeah, if I could work with anybody, it would it would be hard stipulation, thirty minutes. Clown nose match. I don't know. Great question. Thank you. Okay..

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