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The United States. It's two hundred eighty two feet below sea level on the afternoon June July tenth nineteen thirteen the United States weather borough recorded a high temperature of one hundred thirty four degrees Fahrenheit <hes> for everyone else that's fifty six point seven degrees Celsius at furnace creek in Death Valley this this temperature stands as the highest ambient air temperature ever recorded at the surface of the earth that is so frigging hot. I can't even imagine it because when we were in Las Vegas we were like Oh i the whole the air feels like open of yes I am. I am an inside of the oven. It was probably like one hundred degrees YEP. I was joking that it was like one hundred twenty but it was probably one hundred to us one hundred twenty and our truth the ballad so but that one hundred thirty six degrees that's out of control so yeah death valley. Let's not go there. Example of G- robin which is a down dropped block of lane between two mountain ranges it is super dry because it sits in the rain shadow of four major mountain ranges so the highest surface temperature ever recorded in death valley was two hundred one point zero degrees Fahrenheit. That's ninety three point nine degrees Celsius on on July Fifteenth Nineteen seventy-two also at Furnace creek the highest ground surface temperature ever recorded on the earth you if you touched that like if you touch ground you would have third degree burns instantaneously Ashley by the wayside note. Can I tell you how much.

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