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Avoid delays, New Jersey transit will be running express shuttle buses during the morning and afternoon, rush, which will stop at the four busiest river line stations between Camden and Trenton pats Audie, KYW, NewsRadio in Camden County officials are forgiving thousands of dollars in overdue library book fines starting next month. W David Madden reports the decision to rescind over seventy six thousand dollars in pending fines full really cost much. The overdue fees constitute less than one half of one percent of the county. Libraries, budget county, freeholder Melinda, Kane, suggest the fines aren't dead effective on some people. Don't make them more likely to return items on time. But instead, he drives them to stop this, in the library, completely because I naturally defined can sometimes be an issue if you'll get a warning that library privileges could be revoked if the item you borrowed isn't returned or taken out, again within two weeks fines, we'll still be levied on books and materials borrowed from other libraries or popular items are kept out for too long like discount passes for museums in the like David Madden. KYW's frigging, Georgia, liberations resume, this morning at nine in candidate federal court in the case of a candidate police officer charged with using excessive force against the man in February of last year. Then filing false. Police report nNcholas from Tino has. Been suspended without pay in light of the February twenty eighteen incident involving Edward being willa outside that hand in liquor store. Police were responding to a report of a man with a gun and Guelleh matched the description video from police in the store shows Maguelonne with his hands up when Roman wrestles into the ground and punches him a dozen times before putting handcuffs on the band turned out. Well, it was not armed US attorney Jason Richardson defense lawyer, Daniel Rybeck, deliver closing statements.

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