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And now this fight goes had two wrestlers. But i don't wanna contradict myself actually enjoyed it now. A lot to do with the girls pulling for What's i bet roffe on stocks. So maybe that's what made it a little bit more exciting. Even though we'll guys are very very good wrestlers. I just thought the stakes were so high at a guy with you. Know i wanna get you the correct records here. I know they both had losses but okay had a on one guy gets an eighteen in one guy. that's you know and knowing that the winner could possibly get sergio pettis that got me excited other. These invite surprising to be honest. That i i didn't know that stocks comes from a good camp so you know he's going to be prepared but i thought he fought one of his best fights. I with I thought it was good. The main event Are we are we. Are we going order. Oh yes i those are. The three big fights applies. Summarize the the other ones you can concentrate on any of these three. The khorishkov win the stops win or the or the Joyce it's weird. Because i i expected more out of that musashi fight but it wasn't the end of the world and it had a stoppage but there was a certain point where you could to towel salter pie wasn't gonna have enough to win that And then with masasi. It's weird he puts us in the situation. Where like i don't wanna say. He shows holes but he shows that guys can take the fight to him then he figures out how to solve it but he doesn't leave you with that that impression that oh my god you know. Who's next this dude don stoppable. You don't have that feeling you just have the feeling that we have a pretty good fight at the top. But he's beatable. Yeah that's that's that's a good way saying maybe that's what it is is. There isn't a who's next moment I feel terrible coming down on delatour. Because they're they're trying. I could see that they're trying to they're innovating. They do. Invest money in certain spots. But i'll give you an example. I wasn't overly enthused about the fate or timothy johnson announcement. Somebody pointed out to me and if they wanna volunteer who they are. That's fine but i've also come to the conclusion. Jen brown doesn't do it for me as a host. Josh is gotten better you know. We all remember from the u. of c. Good looking kid. And he's very good at engaging jan and in this case austin band ford was the guest co host. But that part i guess when they when it is jailed maybe has a little bit more energy or it's just more interesting. Maybe i think that might be the best word of more. Although definitely brings it ambig-. John just adds a lot because he knows he's learned how to compensate any ads. The rules the regulations that aspect at all. But you're right goes stocks. mother Was more exciting because we knew that something was happening. It's a division that has a lot of talent. there's a subplot of his stops twins. Will he find his teammate Mogomedov is the guy that beat yawn yamagata be mousy right away. That guys no joke. You also high stakes. That made it interesting. But then you get the course governo mossy and like okay. Well what are they doing like. What's what what are we gonna do well to weigh like well. Tornados popping for a while but daily teases with a retirement. Mvp sometimes takes time off Mcdonald laughs so is course come back. I don't even course caveat along Off as well and then we get to the middleweight. And i'm sorry. I know salts or has a great record and only any finishes almost everybody. He probably did deserve to be there. But it's not the murderers row. That i'm used to with the ufc. Where hall and strickland has a lot going on or it in those guys are probably like not even in the top ten. They're looking into the doctor and they're like eleven o or maybe they're eight nine. I don't know what they're still looking to see. Can we get two whitaker in izzy and canyoneering gas stallone derek. Brunson all those other cats. You know austin manafort's it's not his fault he's undefeated. he's patriot. Fans boo deserves to get in there. It's got a lot of bell. Twins wins but are we excited for masasi. The associate didn't even help them so by going. I don't even know any of the middleweights a rebel. So it's like there's so many things that are happening all at one time that managed pull what little hair have left from my head. I'm excited about masasi and and often ford. But it's not because like titles on the line or anything like that. I think it's going to be a pretty decent fight but other than that. I could care less that. There's a belt on the line at 'cause to me it's not gonna prove anything like No disrespect to tim saucy. But i think we all know that the possibility of him being the best middleweight in the world is not happening. And even of austin comes in and destroys them. I still feel like maybe austin's guy. It's not that same feeling that you have with mckee where you're like. Hey man this guy might have something else rosso. So it's just odd feeling of i. I guess you have to take it for what it is. You know these moments with ballatore. Npfl maybe just gotta sit back. Take the media hat off. Whatever the back grab a beer and a hotdog and just go man. That was a good fight. Maybe you look at it. That way and just be entertained that way but i think as americans not all of you that listen to this podcast for americans but one of the things that made it successful was they just sat back. They didn't really care much about rankings. Just sat back and said gives good fights give us interesting bites here in the united states were obsessed with who is the best who is number one. I wanna knock on my buddies door and go on my team rules. You're team sucks. And sometimes we don't. We can almost not give shit about how good the game is. Whatever we just wanted to. Who's the best. And i think when you do that with delatour. Npfl it it's not gonna work out for you the you have to take it for what it is and just enjoy if you enjoy fighting there's going to be good fights not every single time they will be. Don't worry about who the die at the end of the day is going to be left with the bell and is he the greatest of all time. It's not gonna happen but you might get entertained along.

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