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Basic incest storyline that was a bit much for kids bull think is kids can handle a lot more than you think on the twenty two minutes twenty minutes silence like you know thinking law than manning of the universe he was really really really weird from the time oh it was a toy commercial copied vote i mean there's a lot of vehicles happening in this show on a lot of vehicles lease three that don't seem to really belong and meta since slower than frenchman styles car this going through a swamp the fan vote we're pretty fast and all kids won't is a fan vote four more polish did you forget the day the toyota fan but another thing you know the best part is one of the other fun to the vest problem creatures got wings choi could move a lot quicker than the actual vehicle that he was really good point you just taller slung up the flow seems topflight hamas a ruby did that won't be where the goal was driving indiscriminate vehicle we watched the i never would man unleashed yeah there's a bit where one of the evil one of the good guys is driving those two evil guys with these call that's the weird wouldn't pincers at the firm and the one that can fly just books is via every man for himself bitterly folks out the kids trying to catch from you i think so yeah for two dollars twenty or whatever it was what the contra catch frogs the south prongs.

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