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He was 67 Bernie Bennett has more speaks, died Friday night, according to release from a public relations firm. His wife, Brendan, Lor, Spinks, and a few close friends and other family members were by his side when he passed away. Spinks won gold at the 1976 Montreal Olympics. He rose in prominence when he beat Muhammed Ali for the heavyweight title in 1978 speaks only had seven professional fights under his belt when he got into the ring with Ali, the ST Louis native was also outweighed by Ali by more than £25. Two Children have been found after the minivan they were in was stolen. Their father jumped out to deliver food in San Francisco. Jeffrey Thank had his four year old and one year old with him when he delivered for door dash. The kids were later found safe and sound. So far. No arrests have been made. Breaking news and analysis a town hall dot com. One of the great quarterbacks in NFL history. Heading up the class of 2021 of the pro Football Hall of Fame correspondent Tom Maicon's has more the doors of the Pro Football Hall of Fame of swung open toe welcome the class of 2021 burning their gold jacket this year or quarterback Peyton Manning wide receivers Calvin Johnson and Drew Pearson. Defensive backs Charles Woodson and John Lynch guard Allen Fan Icka coach and quarterback Tom Flores and scouted journalist Bill Nunn. Manning. Woodson and Johnson were elected in there for Here is a finalist. The class of 2021 will join the class of 2020 in separate ceremonies during induction week, and Canton, Ohio. Later this summer. I'm Tommy Kins, a veteran statesman who served in both the Nixon and Reagan administration's has died. George Shultz was 100. He also served in the Marine Corps. During World War two more on these stories. Town hall calm Streaming now on smart speakers and radio dot com 8 60 AM theaters, portions of our programming, Maybe prerecorded. Man. The town Hall Review with Hugh Hewitt not to in partnership with the Pepper nine graduate School of public Policy. The vaccine rollout is underway. Best Case scenario End of April to get through all the people who are higher priority. The elderly or one co morbidity. People have one or two health water, more health factors that put them in that higher risk category. It's going really, really slowly. It's really infuriating. And there are a few stacks. There's a big big percentage of Americans who don't want to get it later on. Donald Trump used the impeachment trial to his advantage. This is his chance. This is his chance to get it out there, and Republicans deal with the troublesome House member. She's a cook. There's no doubt about that. I'm you hear it. Great to be with you. Catch my program each weekday morning Live 69 A M, Eastern time and on demand. 24 7 Learn more at Hugh Hewitt, calm Follow me on Twitter at Hugh Hewitt and follow this program is well at Town Hall review. You covered 19 vaccines are in cities and towns nationwide, with a third vaccine, not far behind them. Great. Britain has another one priority. Recipients are elderly healthcare workers and in some states teachers, those with underlying medical conditions also get priority over the general public. And the mayor of Los Angeles, of course, and a few well connected celebrities. It's great to have the vaccine out there, and they're obviously been some snags Along the way. Jim Garrity joined me on the U U It's showed to examine the rollout. Take a look at the financial Times graphs. I did see that that's the rainbow Bridge that Thor uses to get to Asgard. That's exactly what it is at Number one. That was what my first answer is. I've asked people to interpret this. Now they show that between March 9 and 15 of last year, 412 people died a day and they tell you where they're dying. And so I think there's a couple of meta analysis that takeaway here one. It's the Thor Asgard Bridge. Do you have another meta analysis of this? Well, I'm reminded of it was they was former General David Petraeus says that some hearing and they showed him some Extraordinarily complicated graph. That was from the Pentagon about with the outlook in Afghanistan, and it looks as if it was like a plate of spaghetti painted by Picasso or something like that is absolutely incomprehensible gobbledygook. And I believe Petraeus answer something like gentlemen. We could figure out what that chart means. We will have won the war in Afghanistan. Okay, This is easier when when we're done studied this and I think you will come away with the conclusion. Nothing works. It's a virus on so it doesn't matter if you're in Europe in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe and Latin America in the United States, it doesn't matter. And by the way, there's no China graph because they lie. Nothing works. And the only thing that works is the AstraZeneca, the fighter in the modern, a vaccine. And until we get people vaccinated, nothing's going to work. That's my bottom line on this. I think there is a strong are there a lot of people who want to believe that the right policy choices Will is not eliminate the threat of the virus than greatly mitigated, and I think, you know Where poor Dwayne is in California with some of the strictest lockdown rules and all the masks, you know requirements and all that stuff. California's gonna get really hard. One of the things that I do regularly over the morning jolt international view. Just go through the data. About vaccination rates and case rates. And there isn't this nice, simple, like they're a lot of people in the media who want to believe that this is a story of good and wise blue state governors and bad and dumb and crazy red state governors, and that's why the virus is shaking out the way it is. And the numbers. Don't hold that up it all there. Don't in the international numbers show. It doesn't matter if you went with Sweden or if you went with Taiwan. I mean, there's some places like New Zealand and Taiwan. That did really, really well and I trust their numbers. You're an island country. You're able to block all flights. Exactly that work exactly. Exactly. I just sometimes the obvious eludes us. But now talk to me about what you would do. If you had data as I believe we do that African Americans are not getting the vaccine in alarming numbers, and that some Republicans are not getting the vaccine in alarming numbers. I suspect But those Republicans correlate with rural America and make correlate with education..

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