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If we have two things that you could argue whether we should have or not you're argument is to allow the third one because what the how well the alright how about we legalized her win well you know with the way things are going right now you might as well because so many people have been driven to it thanks to the fact that you will legalized marijuana and we're stuck with these oh peoria addicted painkillers but every study as the governor jeers said is not true to go jeff them and he's blog the national is the to run drug abuse which is federal agency questions whether marijuana is really gate we drove stating further researchers needed to explore this question so so so much reefer madness do you think marijuana should be legal and also you known aside if you were going to if you're going to discuss you offense giving a sides what would you be shooting from the thanksgiving table if you showed up stoned riches in pennsylvania our new jersey one oh one point five average how much amended from national i mean so wasn't from hour one and we win thanks give it indian we're here poker came over starving a that you know the schmoe if he only and you're saying i was in these guys getting andy indians games this program fifteen spice this month to know we everybody got to munchies thanks giving i love it rich comes up with the very first thanksgiving and right and we have not had hot _p's pipe on thanksgiving since then you know what i can i can argue with that no one eleven know what was in the piece by but we do know that it that he smoked that they were quite hungry alex's in sharing you know a new jersey twenty five what do you think gobs of wieters ever breakthrough yeah i hello alex i see no the gun i'm doing i'm in that stressed it sure dancers the marijuana question yeah so that national instituted drug abuse eight in the i read a study from them the other day that looked at the comparison between marijuana out all in down that one i was less fifty thing out on at very similar mexican brain assistant so this is it it's it's safe with an alcohol and governor chris these argument for not legalizing marijuana is three rawlings.

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