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I mean. It's all very eighties. It's not my favorite genre. I love the medley during hungry is talking about the part the music right when it goes into the chorus and the background singers. Join Eric Carmen. Right the way they hungry. That's there's a genius there. Oh I never analyzed that. Do you ever listen like I? When we did grease on the PODCAST. I became obsessed with. You're the one that I want and listening to it over and over and over and over again because it's like a a an incredibly brilliantly constructed piece of Pop music and once you fall into that rob hall. It's for me. It's very hard to because at the date rape one. I can't remember what's the one that song does. Did she put up a fight? Yeah no it's not. It's not that but but as we talked about it on the podcast that is there is a lot of rape. E weirdness and Greece. Watch it now sure. That was what they did back then. What EVERYBODY SAYS. But it's like it was raining complain like this movie isn't really that way except for Robbie who's like just this jerk Thorough Med school guy. Or whatever the hell is supposed to be right. Oh but hungry is the medley as wonderful because it really shows her transformation from the innocent you know Klutz to this can like figuring out her own womanhood and I think that's the the pink tank top moment right. Oh really is that no no maybe not jazz your song. I think just sort of like a dancer. Song guys is like when they're practicing together right it. It's pretty great. Also I mean again I mean conceivably. She could have like gotten a lift from the shuttle to the town to pick up some dance clothes. That were required okay. You know WHO's leotards is. She wearing didn't happen. That's some of your annaborough woman. You don't know nearly in many scenes wearing fond dance class but does the catskills. I'm sure they're just has that stuff. Line dance classes. Yeah who yeah. Have you ever gone to a place like this? That has all these like programmed activities. This is like my idea of the worst vacation schedule. I hate that Stein. Any kind of performance thing like when I when we take our daughter to Disney theme restaurants. I get extremely interior and withdrawn. Because I can't play along I can't just find the fun to play along. I was like Oh God the over. Someone's going to interact with me. You've character so right because I- Improv with grumpy. We went to find that so heartbreaking because they can't talk back there does not in their hat and Amanda always turned acting. That's acting life. That's the life of an actor right. You know yeah in fact I think Both swayze and Cindy Rosenberg. They both did some time in the theme park world theme park. Yeah Okay like dancing in theme park shows. I actually went to okay so the that thing I did the Disney dinner with characters recently. Yes that Oh wait in your weird non trip to Disney was that that was so mad. I didn't understand what was going on. I know so we went to Orlando no but we didn't want to go to Disney because it was too expensive. It's it's seven grand and we didn't. We didn't mean to seven grand to go to Disney. I three large tickets day. Maybe a hundred and fifty bucks a piece right. We just dropped. He's really Anti Corporation and just anti-disney he's never been and I love. I do love Disney so I agreed will wait until she's older and she can walk. Sure out at four five three. Yeah so we did do dinner with characters and then we jokingly we went to an arcade and we said this is Disney like this messing with her and she did it for the social media. Clap Shit sure Michigan. They're like here's Epcot. Might as well be yeah. Don't waste your money but we do the character dinner and that was. I love that reminders. Doing Banter with the character frumpy came over and I was like watch out in the woods. Grumpy we hear. There's some poison out that I would have to get up from the table and walk away. I would. I would be so uncomfortable. It rule. It's hard because they don't answer back there and go and shrug and then I had to keep up the banter and definitely was accorded one at Disney. Where the Princess's come around and they do talk. Yeah and heartbreakingly and our daughter is very shy about that type of thing and it's Aria and but this one time we were at the lunch or dinner and aerial came by my daughter was concerned. This was Ariel Ariel And through her shyness. She said you're my favorite. Your heart just cracks open. You know how much it meant so much to her to say. You're my favorite and the one player I said you're my favorite to take. You know what I'm sending Robbie over later that's so funny. You have an anti-corporate that's going to be tougher for every does not want to spend money. Bro Seriously. Why that's great. That's great I mean you have to learn. When do you kid- her budget was for wedding? Five hundred dollars. No more than that. I mean like one hundred people. It was like five grand. Wow that's impressive. It was like that. I don't really have a problem with because you know it's not really needed to spend it also. Sounds like I probably wouldn't have to be at the wedding for more than like an hour. Well we had a lot of barbecue. It was great but yeah let me tell you to. I went to a theater camp in the catskills. You did. It reminded me of the the. There's a lot of nostalgia there for me. Stagedoor manor is the name of it. Oh of course Jerry. I saved up babysitting money for three weeks. And did you kill it there? I did do really well there. I started off. No one knew me and I didn't get big parts but by the end I remember them being like we should have given you this part. I'm laying right and then I'm like next summer bitches you'd be really good stage actor. I loved that's what I wanted to do theatre well. Why don't you do that now? Because I've mom guilt but I was theater major when you're away for. I work all day and then go under rehearsal. True Do Someday. She should be a trunk. Baby like Jennifer. Gray was oh. That's JOL yeah. He's taking around. She was like on the set of cabaret. Probably I bet you know. Watching wasted teaches a kid a certain thing. I wish right certain Showbiz. You know yeah. I got a bucket list someday. I think you'd be really good stage. I Love Theater. Yeah that was my goal regional theater at all I wanted to do. Let's move onto your latchkey. Tv selection so right these are some of the shows that were important to you. Growing up yes. A Wide Swath of interesting shows here. I don't think anyone has chosen your first one little house on the prairie. That was kind of the only one I could that. That is the strongest obsessed obsessed obsessed. Okay what was it that you're obsessed with a light? Play the theme here for you. I know the hill. Yes you can narrate this. Because we'll play this and talk over the carriage on the top of the hill with the wildflowers. Running down the hill and tripping and falling. I missed this show as a kid. Dude let remember her Michael Landon. He's a good looking man. Yes trashy I don't Remember Carolina now. That's not her caroline's Ma Ma Carolina's her name. But I don't know on these three Kids Melissa Gilbert yet Sarah Something Melissa Sue Anderson. She goes blind refusing to Melissa's I wouldn't have cast them and carry. Her name is Karen. That wasn't a plan moment when she felt like that in no not at all get up and run Lindsay Shannon dougherty was in she was there was a lot of famous people. Shannon deller. Yeah wasn't in the early sixties. No no no. No no this really well. Nineteen seventy four or was it. Maybe I watch reruns then I was on. I mean I watched it in the eighty s and my family hated it. I would come home. They'd be they'd here at night. They'd be like you're watching it again. I loved it. Nobody else did and that and I'd watch wizard of Oz on the VHS. Tape a lot obsessed with. Judy Garland a lot like a lot on once a week. Couple Times songs or I didn't even like the songs. Oh No just love the whole gone to another land okay and on Little House on. The prairie was identification with one of the girls. Laura for sure Laura Ingalls Laura Ingalls with the braids and your hair that way. No I had short hair. Look like a boy. Did you have here by choice? No my mom did it and I didn't have Julian. You're the third. We're not getting into be doing hair every morning. That times over so short hair is a green. Look for you. You can pull it off Yeah Laura just the being PAS favorite. I was always dad's favorites. I just loved their era. Okay think I read the books? Yeah that was a good one. It seems like a show where like emotions happened to a lot of our trial there. Like bad moments like sadness. Life was tough on. The pro-life was really tough on the prairie and I remember the one where she escaped to find gold and she got lost and killed herself or something took her braids out. That was a big one. Did you experience these things very dramatically as a theatrically inclined? You know. I just enjoyed it? I don't know if I got real super invested so you're like dancing around the high prairie and I acted out I would make sauce and stir it like a pilgrim would cause making sauce Marinara Ragu. Pilgrim's making a soup now. I put brand new in a pot and stirred at like mob Paul. You're ready for the Spaghetti. What is your favorite dish cinnamon chicken? Did you hear that? Nellie will it's only specialty..

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