Barack Obama, President Trump, Hillary Clinton discussed on Alex Jones Infowars


Will actually go to measure shift to breakdown what happened yesterday what's happening now what he sees about to happen here it is fed wouldn't let the market go down when obama was president they certainly didn't want it to go down before the election because they wanted to put hillary clinton into the oval office after obama so they had the markets back there was this put but what if the put expired with donald trump i don't know if the fed has much love for trump and now that trump has put his brand on this stock market and this economy maybe the fed is happy to allow a bear market can be blamed on trump you're calling the fed political which has certainly a valid argument a lot of people are saying that but the fed also had a recession in two thousand nine to deal with so they needed those stimulative measures then to deal with that well i have no doubt that they will come back with the same stimulus once this recession is fully underway in blamed on on president rob even though it's not his fault that simply the mess that he inherited from obama but the fed did not have to do the type of economic stimulus that it did in two thousand nine two thousand intent that's why the economy never he'll that's why we're in worst troubled today than we were back then and remember the federal reserve created the housing bubble they're the reason we had a financial crisis it was their economic policy that began early in the bush era you know what we burst of the dot let's go to mr schiff himself of that again is from a late last year but it sounds like you showered some detractors say he's kinda jumped on the bandwagon here and he's basically repeating what happened before but the federal reserve it looks like it's ready to abandon him unlike obama well versed wall just recently i was talking about as an eighty seven.

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