Bud Black, Padres, Texas discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


Sport S. as we check in with Mike Bryson is Colorado Avalanche making some off season moves making some off season moves Marty NHL free agency opened yesterday ABS were certainly active they made a big trade with Toronto sending defenseman Tyson berry forward Alexander Kerr foot and a sixth round pick to the maple Leafs for for words Nazem Kadri and Callie Rosen along with a third round pick cavs GM Joe sacking sick there are Kadri will provide secondary scoring the haves need to Bernard belt here are or is that correct you signed for three more years you know when your cut with with Tyson what what we've got coming out of my car yeah there are here at the farm and care they're going in and his last year that we probably weren't going to be able to re sign of knee ABS also signed free agent forward units down score to a four year deal spent the last four seasons with San Jose and they re signed forward Colin Wilson to a one year contract and signed for peer Edward bill Maher Rockies back to work tonight starting at two games set against Houston at Coors field there are five games left before the all star break in the Rockies are for over five hundred manager bud black says they're in a good spot I like this team I mean you you watch us everyday you watch how we play you watch the you know the greater this team the you know the the toughness of this group game one of the series against the Astros tonight at six on KO a Major League Baseball is reeling after the sudden and tragic death of angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs who passed away yesterday morning in Texas authorities do not believe there was any foul play Padres second baseman Ian Kinsler is a former teammate of Skaggs is one of the guys.

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