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But Stanford was just atrocious in the first half too many mistakes from cagey Castillo good to see USC get things going on the ground where they had been particularly bad. So they make the switch where cla Hilton is now calling plays and they fire Neil Callaway their offensive line coach. And yes, it's Oregon state. But this is the US team who across the board has had bouts of just struggling on offense. JT daniels. Comes back is fine. Nothing particularly special big it out early, but let Oregon state back in the game before closing them out late. So that was good to see from USC in Washington defense. Once again, I mentioned Stanford struggling, but the Washington defense played for the most part pretty well. And it was nice see miles Gaskin come back and have a nice day against Stanford defense. It's been okay. At times, the Oregon UCLA score is kind of deceiving. I would say would be the nicest word, I can come up. Come surmise for what happened in that game org. Twenty one points off of a six yard touchdown drive after a fumble recovery. A fake field goal. Set them up to score from the one. I believe in UCLA also had a muffed punt. And that drives started the eleven so Oregon's offense is still below average. Okay. So you UCLA's defense is bad and this Oregon offense just they've finally got a little bit more creative at times. But just in Herbert is locked in on his best receiver. And that's basically all they're doing than the passing game is Herbert to to Dylan Mitchell, and there's still a good amount of stubbornness to the offense. Nothing is easy. Not receivers just are not open in this organ offense, which is very strange to say the the running game is still, you know, going straight at the teeth of the defense. It's almost like, you know, there's like some some singer songwriters tie. Who have that long? Preamble before a song will get your Bruce Springsteen types, right? I wrote this song when I was talking about pep. And then he was talking to his peppy. And it's just it almost like when Oregon lines up in the pistol and Justin Herbert stands there. Which for what feels like four seconds with the the ball held out for the running back. It's like, well, we're going to run this straight at your defensive great when they do that sort of delay on fourth in short to alma is the best. There is something still incredibly stubborn about this Oregon offense, and whatever a win is a win win your clunkers, and they did but I- Oregon could lose to Oregon state. That's just where we are right now. So there there is your there's your previous demolition derby rundown of appreciate that. Let's go. Let's go over to the big ten talk about Ohio State, thirty six Nebraska, thirty one. So this is a one score game the fourth quarter, and I hope folks out there took our advice and went with Nebraska, plus seventeen on their pick 'em pools, or they're completely legal or illegal bets that might be out. Out there. I like to from JK Dobbins on the ground that was encouraging and Levy, yeah. And elaborate should but Dobbins especially had season high in rushing yards three touchdowns on the ground. I also liked like the defense is a work in progress and urban Meyer has acknowledged as much, but I like that they didn't give up any big hitters big big long touchdowns on defense. That's quietly an improvement for this defense because they've given up something like four hundred yards in five straight games. It's not the same defense without Nick Bosa. And I think you'll take the improvement or any sign of progression. Wherever you can get it because it has been a bit of a struggle for them defensively. Yes. Some sloppiness an undisciplined stretcher to from Ohio State on defense against Nebraska. I think more of the credit needs good Adrian Martinez and his progression and comfort, you know, going to the horseshoe and and making plays. I thought is a good sign of things to come for Nebraska. Who certainly do not look like the nebr-. Team we saw for much of September and early October. So that's at least encouraging and yes states, they get better on the grounds, which is important because they are just flat beatable if they can't move the ball with Jay Dobbins, and in Weber, that's it's unacceptable..

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