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Only nice thing about being called leaders is that the grift just makes you rich. I mean, if you're a cult leader You're the person who gets to declare who pays your money, Which women you get to have sex with me. Look at all the documentaries about cults on HBO and the cult leaders are always the ones who really reaped the benefit. Of being in a cult, obviously, well, the Lincoln Project Grifters are the head of the anti Trump called and they are reaping the benefits Man, the absolute Division between good and evil, the non nuanced version of politics and the castigation of all your political opponents, his servants of Satan. This serves a purpose. Which is why the Lincoln Project Stuart Stevens, Rick Wilson, Steve Schmidt and Re Galen who have picked up 50 million bucks from the gullible cult members of Democratic Party. And they put 12 million of that sort operating expenses. These guys are buying private jets off the cult. They have a piece in the Washington Post. Of course, Of course, The Washington Post gives them the knees face called Republicans. It's time to choose between autocracy and a republic. Weird because the Democrats right now are threatening to pack the court, overthrow the filibuster ad states willingly and strengthen the executive branch that the Legislature becomes a vestigial organ of American government. But apparently Trump is the authoritarians. Lincoln Project suggests that this is an absolute moral battle an absolute moral battle. And if you come in on the wrong side, then we know that you are damned to hell. They I mean, listen to this. I see. None of us can choose history. History chooses us. If you ever wondered what side of the Edmund Pettus Bridge you would have stood on this is your chance to choose. Don't you see Donald Trump is Bull Connor, the Republicans. People like Susan Collins in Maine and Joanie own Stian, Iowa. These are all Bull Connor's. All you have to do is vote Democrat. You will exercise the demons of the United States and weirdly enough Americans bought into this garbage in 2008. When great light bringer Obama came about and it turns out, none of the demons were exercised. It turns out that when you lead a cult when you have substituted politics for religion Then you can never allow the grift to end at that point. You can't just say Oh, well, you know, the light has been brought. Yes, we're done here. It has to be. No, no, no, no. The devil still lurks been cosseted corners. The devil still lurks just in the shadows. And so if you give me more power if you give me more money If you give me more ability to control your life, then we'll certainly hunt out the devil were always just this far away from hunting out the devil. The Lincoln Project Grifters. They're treating this as not just a political battle that is important and has ramifications for the future of the country, but as an absolute moral conflict. They say those who went before faced dogs and fire hoses. And yet they did not flinch in war in peace. Americans have displayed unparalleled courage in the face of evil and injustice. It doesn't take courage to stand up to trump. It takes courage to stand up for your country. This is the legacy we inherited and are called to defend. This is the choice America or Trump. Now is the time to stand with the country you love. Okay. I'm sorry. That's insane. That's crazy. And and the natural corollary of this is that people who disagree with you are not human beings. They're not Americans, people who disagree with your absolute members of evil. There They are. Brown shirts and brownshirts deserve three punch and naturally see this corollary. So some of the Lincoln Project of Grifters decided they were not happy with the video that I cut a few days ago, explaining why I'm voting for Trump explained it in great great detail without whitewashing. I think anything from personality issues. Heavily critical of the president in that video, where I endorsed him in 2020 Matthew Dowd, who I believe is a member of the Lincoln Project Tweeted out. Ben Shapiro isn't a conservative, which Joe Lockhart at CNN, then promptly tweeted out. He's not human. He's not human. OK, and we all know this. Okay? If you have ever thought about not going along with the world crowd, if you ever thought about being friends with the Republican if you have ever thought about voting for Donald Trump, this is how members of the left and I'm talking meant many mainstream members of the political. Let's consider you You are not human. I was human up until the moment apparently. When I said that Trump deserves your vote over Joe Biden and a Democratic party that's lost his mind. A minute. I said that not human anymore. It was all strange. No respect in 2016. When I said a pox on both your houses in 2020, I said, Well, you know what? Now I am forced to the binary choice and and people like you. You're not human. You're not human. This is why you see Trump supporters getting punched. It's why you see that if you post anything pro Trump on your Facebook page, your employer may come after you. It's exacerbating the political division. You want to know how you got trump in the first place. This is how you got Trump in the first place. And whatever happens in the election, it's not going to end. It is not as the Democrats are going to recede into a unity campaign. That is a lie. It is not that the left is going to stop marching as soon as Donald Trump is out of office again. The cult can never stop hunting the devil. That is not the way this works. Donald Trump can be put out of office and it's not like everything goes back to normal tomorrow. It's just that Donald Trump is no longer the face of the of the satanic Force that Democrats and members left believe exists out there. You'll find a new face in 2012. They somehow pasted that face on Mitt Romney in 2024 hours, you know, pace that face on somebody else coming up. We'll get into the Democrats. Most agnostic pitch of all, And that is that Donald Trump malevolent evil force caused hundreds.

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