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To the number four one four four four. You can even tell your smart speaker to donate to. Koa w i know you can do this. Thank you so much and now on with the show. Welcome to friday. Welcome to weaken review. We're going to figure out what happened this week. And what it means with the founder of seattle city council insight kevin scofield cross cuts city. Politics reporter. david cromer in k. u. a. w. journalist and newscaster reporter page browning. Everybody welcome to the show. Thanks a lot for being here. Happy friday happy. Friday happy friday. It's a treat to have you here. I can see all of you because we're streaming this program on facebook and youtube right now you can go on those platforms and search k. u. a. w. public radio. I don't see any suit jackets on any of you. I think which does not offend me. I do not find that unprofessional. And apparently i'm joined by a bunch of state. Legislators associated press reports quote a sneaker clad latino state senator in rhode island is objecting to his chambers jacket and dress shirt edict as a form of white oppression female lawmakers in montana complained proposed rules dealing with skirt lengths and necklines or overly sexist and an iowa state representative wore jeans on the floor to highlight the irony of republican leaders refusing to mandate face masks in the chamber as the pandemic rages while still banning jeans and other casual clothes end of quote from that associated. Press report i checked. With austin jenkins our state legislature does have a dress code. But i think this is a pacific northwest value. That is catching on. Call it casual. Call it schlub. And i'm just curious before we get to the news. I'm just kinda curious. I don't know if you're sitting. I don't know if you even have pants on any of you. But how are you feeling about this trend..

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