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Want? Bob. Of the blind savage. Nina, political rally that's gonna it'll it'll Saab Amos case as he is almost bothers Muslim DC. Donaldson. NFL or or NHL say. Dot com. Too familiar national federation of the blind. Viva LA, Vida. I missed her on tonight extended happy hour Japanese steakhouse if you have Mr. Ron's yet. Frigging delicious. It is so good. It is so good oracle and Rudolf tonight four to eight maybe a little cold or rainy, great bar area there patio got it's covered, and they also have a heaters and a giant firepit go. Enjoy nothing better than being a little chilly, wrapped up in a nice jacket, and you have a nice little sake. We're a beer from five to six and Mr. aunts tonight. You also have great deals on appetizers on sushi. I mean, if you're like, well, you know, I know I want to bring my husband or wife or whatever kids, they don't like, you know, maybe certain sushi they have on's wings on's onion rings, delicious, crab puffs. It's so good. You can also sit in the tip on area, the tables where Ryan likes to say dinner is the show they start throwing the knives around again, if my six year old eats vegetables, and my seventeen month old will actually sit there we were there on Christmas Eve for my kid's birthday my six year old and my seventeen month old made me carry them around two tables to watch the cooking happen. He kept pointing this that he's very he's very bossy. Get that from his mother anyway, go to Mr. aunts or glitter. Route is still where everybody loves it. Couples night family nights celebration anniversary happy hour tonight. Extended happier. Yours gonna find great keenest. He listeners there apparently the state of the union is going to be Tuesday, the twenty ninth. So we're going to have the beer club that night state. Of the union watching party at Mr. Ron's. That's what I'm going to be there. And you never know. My pop it on a Thursday just to get a meal, you never know. Find out more Mr. on Tucson dot com. And I.

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