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The year. It's half. It's it's almost half over. It's almost half full. God. I'm sitting in a parking lot in Marino valley, she's fairly. I'm right on the edge of marina valley in riverside, California. You can look it up on a map if you like. I'm in a bed bath and beyond parking lot. Because I do some shopping stuff. I think I mentioned this last time. Having some issues with the pillows. In my old, childhood bedroom. Jeez. Louise, am I having issues with the pillows? For some reason all the pillows in my mom's house are about as flat as my hand. If I hold my hand out straight. Without making a fist. The pillows are just like paper thin, and it's really annoying. So I bought one pillow just before I left for Austin. By the way. Let me say hi to. My friend and producer of the short film. I did in Austin Kayla Morgan who a listener of the podcast. Hi kayla. Thank you for your hospitality. And for taking me to a big Gillian restaurants, all of which were incredible. I think I probably gained ten pounds in Austin. Eight so much barbecue. Gods so much barbecue place called the salt lick place called shit. I want to say Frank black. But that's the singer for the seats. Frank franklin's. Nope. Frank Jesus shit bag. I can't remember my brain is mush pile. Something black Terry Black's boom there. It is not too old to remember. Or not too old to not remember. I'm losing my faculties. Probably from all the barbecue. Terry Black's was great. I gotta say I think my favorite food of the whole trip, though, was Tex-Mex place called shoe. His holy mother of God. We went there. Probably my second night there when the other two actors showed up in Austin. About six or seven of us seven or eight of us went to place called chew he's which is very famous Tex-Mex place in Austin. And I got this thing called the big as your face burrito. Which were in. I have a giant head. I have a big face, and it pretty much was as big as my whole face burrito is massive takes up an entire giant plate. Being cheese burrito. Get it on the plate. You don't eat it with your hands because it's on the plate in it's covered and caso with a side of rice and beans. Oh my God. They need one in L A. I ne- I. It was so good, my friend. Eric Vespa was sitting next to me in the restaurant. And like every other by I would just turn going. This is incredible. This is the best breed. Oh, I've ever had in my life. It really was the best breed. Oh, I've ever had in my life. Just case. So we goodness. Case. So we could nece. No, that's not going to be the episode name. Oh my God. It was so good. And then we had this incredible trace Lecce trace late chase cake. So Deccan it. I like I like garbage boy. There we go there. It is. I ate like a garbage boy. What else did I hold on? Sorry, guys. Trying to do a bazillion things at once. All right. I'm back. Heap getting emails and texts because I'm not in LA, the people who are like we're the fuck of you been for the past month. Anyway. Yeah. Chui's was my favorite. And I was like I gotta eat there again before we leave and then. Yeah. My last night there. We went back and. Had eaten so much that day that I ate at the barbecue place called Terry Black's in the afternoon, then we went to the Alamo draft house to watch a movie, and then we went to. He's so I was still pretty full of food full of barbecue from earlier in the day. So I couldn't eat a full big is your face burrito..

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