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Tate in East Asia virtual Summit that one includes China, which is set to sign a massive free trade agreement that does not include the U. S. You're listening. Now here's what's happening around the state on Sacramento's news 93.1 kfbk. City of Walnut Creek is losing his DnB office, but it could be gaining new housing. The walnut trick D M V closed for the last time on Friday, leaving residents having to travel to replacement office as Stone Ridge Mall in Pleasanton or the D. M V offices and conquered in Pittsburgh. The lot where the Walnut Creek being beside is was purchased two years ago by developer specializing in apartment and condominium projects. Authorities and Mono County say a man and a woman found dead along the side of highway 3 95 this week are from Burbank in Southern California. Yeah, the sheriff's office says the bodies of 35 year old William Larson and 30 Year old You Sonja Larson were spotted by snowplow drivers Monday morning. The crime scene is about 10 miles north of the community of Bridgeport in the Sierra Nevada, a sea lion that straight into the parking lot of the Marin County car dealership is recovering. The sauce leader based Marine Mammal Center says the female was located in the many of marine parking lot on paradise Drive November 2nd Aymara. Well, Balon Sacramental traffic. Wilma Kfbk Traffic center 80 westbound trucks or rode on rap right lane is closed until 3 a.m. for Guardrail Repair Fix. Sack five project extends The HIV lanes of the Sacramento area most likely canceled this weekend, did not get started Friday night, not seeing any long term closures. Normally, they have a lot of 55 hour window where things are closed. That's not happening overnight. Heading up in the high country. Make sure you pack your chains with you for any overnight travel. We do have closure the East and westbound Donner summit rest areas because of snow. Collection stayed around, 89 is closed over monitor passed a route foreclosed over habits. Pass traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons news 93.1 kfbk Now Sacramento weather Quiet. Start this morning with lows in the mid forties, then for the rest of today come to full times.

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