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And so what they said, is that this black man who had run naked through the streets of western New York City, he was caught by cops who put a hood over his head, then pressed his face into the pavement for two minutes, according to video and records that have been released by the man's family. Now. They then took the man to the hospital. He was taken off life support after 30 days, So he died and up until now, This actually happened months ago, and the video is just now coming out. And I know that the police chief in Rochester is thing. This was not a cover up. We were simply trying to do an investigation. But the public is screaming. Why didn't we know about that? And the hood seems so inhuman or inhumane. The hood is when someone a suspect is spitting. At a naufragio. Sir, You can't allow that to happen because you have no idea what's going on medically. So they put a hood over his head. Which to me? Yeah, I think that's reasonable but the handcuffing and then shoving his face into the pavement. Now we're talking about a whole different animal. These air spit shields. Yeah, Hood is alive, and I'm not defending anybody. But a hood is a little bit misleading. These air called spit shields. They're sold to police agencies. They're they're nylon mesh If I put a spit shield on you I can see your face. So so it using you, Khun See? So using the word Hood Hood is his inflammatory in and of itself. I think so. But this is not to say that the way these officers behaved was correct it simply to say that they didn't like, grab a completely opaque hood and put it over somebody right. There was an approved Police item Now what'll happen is ah now there's going to be scrutiny of the use of spit hoods. And according to this story, it's It's a video that has been released show that this guy had taken off his clothes complied with the police when they asked him to get on the ground. Put his hands behind his back. He's agitated, screaming as he's in handcuffs. And he's screaming. Give me your gun. I need your gun. Ah, and the video shows no indication that he was a danger to the police officers if someone is on the ground Handcuff. Assuming this story is, as it pans out, and its story says the video's indicate that's what happened. It's you know, why would you do anything in terms of shoving his face down or somehow pushing his face and unless he unless he and it doesn't say this happened unless he then got up, right? And started either trying to run away or rushing towards the officers. But if he was sitting there and yes, he's agitated. And yes, he's saying these things, but if he's sitting there and he's handcuffed You know you, Khun. Just stand at a distance and observe the person right? Wow. They're doing that and let him just run ragged. It's like police chases now car chases. No. They just went to go and the helicopter is overhead. And eventually you put a steps. Ah, Strip Ah, entire strip on on the ground, and they don't wander chase people at 100 Miles an hour. And I would think the same philosophy would translate here if you don't have to. You don't It's that simple. We're going to come right back on and finish all of this up. If I am 6 40 live everywhere on the I heart radio app Got another one of these coming up. When we come back, all right. Jennifer, another.

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