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Police are saying it didn't happen as described by man who brought the child to a hospital the man I told police that he had been shot at in the eight hundred block of west Leland Avenue in the baby was struck but just about twenty minutes ago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi tweeted this out quote over night detectives determined that the young boy was actually shot following a domestic struggle between his parents inside of their home no shooting ever occurred and Leland a criminal investigation including history in a weapon in child welfare continues charges are likely the infant was taken the Leri children's hospital in serious but stable condition a constitutional scholars as a president cannot be removed from office for conduct that isn't a crime in an about face from his position during the Clinton impeachment trial Alan Dershowitz told senators that the two articles of impeachment against president trump are non starters in the effort to remove him from office surely nine criminal conduct including abuse of power and obstruction of Congress are outside the range of impeachable offenses as for the claim in the draft of a book written by former national security adviser John Bolton that the president linked with holding military aid to Ukraine to an investigation of Joe Biden Dershowitz said that isn't an abuse of power or an impeachable offense jury bowed lander washing former state senator Marty St of all of Cicero charge by the feds with bribery and tax evasion and we are told that the sand of all is cooperating with the feds to try and get a better deal who knows who I else could be involved a twenty seven year old male employees Stambaugh attempting to stop a pair of shoplifters in the Avondale neighborhood on the northwest side the two males try to leave a wal green's Belmont Avenue with some beer that they didn't pay for when they were confronted one of the men pulled out a knife and stabbing in the Wall green employee in the hand before both of them ran the employee last listed in good condition nobody in custody W. L. US news time nine oh four seven Gola delays this morning it's slow going on the evils six Chevy eyes an hour a little slow in and out and on the Dan Ryan you're slow both directions extravagant date in.

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