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And sell it. Certainly not enceladus right my feeling ass we go learn how to go in the outer solar system again and kind of investigate conference a follow up of Cassini. Now there's the question about life but also question about these unique worlds are going to really open up entirely new investigation that we've not done now. This is a very exciting time right now. For the Commercial Crew Space Program and for that were excited we might even have. Astronauts launching via SPACEX. Possibly soon as this coming may from. Us soil. We're excited about that. So I wanted to ask Dr Birkin. What his thoughts were on. The commercial crew program here is explained that in more detail so it's really unique right that we can get Americans launch from the US to space with US providers. That's really a unique thing. After so many years after the shuttle retired we've used you know worked with our collaborators and Russia so so commercial crew program. I think is kind of five very courageous. Probe that has been with us for in several administrations like so many things at NASA. John have bipartisan support. And depending on how this goes we may have three options to go back to space right of the two commercial crew reminders and perhaps the space launch system exactly the NASA provided Kind of heavy launch capability so asked me. Go build those things you know. The most important element is that it really that the sky becomes more open for Americans. Our partners to go to space Very excited that we've been in space for eighteen years nonstop right. There's many people alive including my children if not knock lift on this Earth Single Day where an American was not in space and so we have to say that dude. That's the benefit of the space station are not going to say it's a miracle made reality can af- coming together as an international community and building. Nah I think what's going to happen as we go to the moon and beyond that international community will be partnered by commercial players and kind of new things. Well happen again. A courageous way that is at the heart of the commercial crew program to really open up a can of the space for us. The exploration space of humans deeper and deeper into the solar system. Only being mostly in low-earth-orbit. We it's time to take humans out of there and go deeper. How do you maintain the missions in the future of science with with the constantly changing budgets? They keep the long term focus on science so one of the key elements of that strategy is to have a constancy of purpose By the way the way we do that is to recognize that whoever sits this outfit here and as our quarters is not the person who purpose relative to what's the key highest priority signs mission. That's the National Academy of Sciences. Then mention many many years ago an the academy's helping US kind of setting priorities. And of course in he'll fix they're still. Maine's where I'm pretty good at setting priorities. Just because I've worked there for twenty years or more while in astrophysics not the specialists. Don't on earth and frankly it's kind of figuring it's hard to figure out what the best specialists who were this right. Dr Dancer is you need to bring a team together and can prioritize based on principles that are much higher so constancia purpose is one of them that brings us forward so administrations change. We still do. We do the right thing. Continue it so. We don't waste taxpayers money because we cranked back and forth. Just keep going because we have agreed to get her in a bipartisan way. That that's what needs to be done. I think the other thing. I just sat as the bipartisan support. I really believe that's crucial that we learn how to communicate signs. Not just for one. Stakeholder youngsters smart people who are really excited about signs. I'm just as excited to talk to elementary school students to middle school students who people who are doing apprenticeship you know in community colleges. They're also borders and also lifting the same beautiful nature. We are in an if we cannot talk to them about what? We're doing shame on us. Of course. Collaborating with international partners has been very important for NASA ever since the beginning. Here's Dutch were talking more about the importance of that so to one thing that is really critical to think about that When it comes to NASA leadership and collaboration on posing Malibu's kind of weird a leaders there's no other program it really is where we are. Busy sustained leadership doesn't require just that we're a leader now it's also that removing faster and so for me like I mean I learned that from Larry Page to founder of basically says like who cares about where we are right now. The question is army moving fast and so kind of his way of saying. It's not a quantity that matters. It's the first star of that quantity rank festival. It's does slope and so so for me. That collaboration with international partners enables us to do things that otherwise we could not do and do things better because some things like for example Earth observations. We should all contribute. It's not the goal that we keep doing what he did. Twenty thirty years ago the goal is to me again. We're NASA be leap but some empower some others to kind of help contribute and as we put the date out there alter whether it's commercial or international parks but the data out and we can build the next measurement and so forth and so for for me international collaborations from the beginning of as being really important part of the definitional flowed whereabout. I feel look at Space Act. It's right there and I think this entire team beliefs and that that's wonderful times. I can't thank enough for taking time out of your busy schedule. Join US thank you so much. Thanks to you for all your work. You're doing all my pleasure your space journey while we're really drove. My Conversation Touches River Kazeem hoping to find out more about the Science Mission Directorate from NASA. Just go to their website at science dot NASA DOT COM our Doctor Birkin for the unique opportunity of medium. Pacer face for this interview. Also WanNa think Francis Murphy for sharing his patron he earlier on in the episode again. We'd love to hear your space journey. If you'd like to share with us just Texas show notes for information how to do so. Can we WANNA thank you for Jake? Tapper joins today. We really do appreciate it featured this episode with a friend or gives a like if you're watching a youtube or just race favorite podcasts application. We'd appreciate it. Thanks again for joining us. We'll see an accent God bless..

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