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Hurricane willa still a monster storm with a hundred and fifty five mile per hour. Winds is moving toward the Mexico Southam is outlawed. The storm has weakened somewhat as it heads toward land though, by any measure, it is still a potentially devastating category for hurricane. Daniel Browns of forecaster at the National Hurricane Center. This system is forecast to be extremely dangerous hurricane as it approaches. Seacoast on Tuesday. We're expecting an extremely dangerous storm surge along with damaging hurricane force winds as well as the potential for flooding rainfall, these areas are very mountainous where it will be making landfall and that can cause flash flooding and landslides the storm last word was about one hundred miles or so south west of Kabul. Karenzi's hurricane-force winds are extending upwards of thirty miles from the storm's center stocks closed mixed today, though concerns about Bank stocks rising interest rates helped drag the Dow down more than one hundred points. The Dow is down one hundred twenty six points to twenty five thousand three seventeen. That's Dak was up nineteen points, the S and P. Eleven points. This is NPR and this is KCRW at three. Oh, four good afternoon. I'm Steve take is. Here's what you need to know. Right now. LA county firefighters are working so many hours that overtime now accounts for a third of a typical firefighters pay and all that overtime is putting an extra at least forty nine thousand dollars each year in the pocket of the average firefighter. That's according to new analysis. Those costs to the fire department of surged by more than a third just in the past several years, and that's led to some big paychecks. According to the LA times more than six hundred firefighters made at least one hundred thousand dollars in overtime by comparison. Just a couple dozen employees. The sheriff's office made that much and the sheriff's department has twice as many employees, the department's been dealing the fire department at is has been dealing with staff shortages and several straight years extreme wildfire activity, but some officials are still questioning the high overtime costs with the county launching an audit of the departments payroll department, but those results won't be released for several months LA's museum of content. Temporary art Moca as we know. It has a new director in the chair today. Klaus Beason Bach began his job at Moca after its board hired him away from the museum of modern art in New York back in the summer, and he's digging into his new job on the same day that the museum is bringing back a popular mural by local artist. Here's KCRW saw Gonzales mocha and Elliott artists. Barbara Kruger have reinstalled mural covering the entire north exterior wall of mocha's Geffen contemporary art space in little Tokyo. One hundred ninety one feet.

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