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On all of the calorie, dense, delicious snacks all the Doritos, all the Cheetos. Do you like milk butter and that that isn't actually the hot. Are there any other ideas. End on melted butter. Oh. All right. Cool. So I think that answers that question. The next section is stack asked Twitter, and this is where we find questions that are asked on Twitter, Twitter. Twitter. So jeff. Says, is it okay to tell a boy? You love them, they'll you're not in love with them or never for real on that relation ship. Tiebile FW. Fuck. All right. Is it okay to age? Is it okay to tell boy, you love them, although you're not in love with them or never FW on that relationship. Love type of level. I need answers hashtag asking for friend. Jay, your friend should not tell avoid that. You love them. I don't think they're asking for a friend. I think that they're said, tell you asking for phones. Oh, they actually are only got, I don't wanna sue. They're lying to us. Okay. All right. Let's assume that everybody on the internet that's asking questions is our friends on us. Okay. Sure. Okay. Go ahead. Can I go? Okay. I don't think the should tell someone you love them. If you don't love them, especially if you don't even think that you love them. I think you should tell everybody that you love. Okay, that way you never get let down. It's meaningless ever exactly. Just take that super precious and delicate word and smash it on the floor because that way Macerata you get a piece. Exactly. So then just duplicate it in three d. printed so you can give it out to everybody and then just worthless. So it's like it's like, what's the fake diamond called, sir. Konia Cody? Yes. Take that diamonds or. Expensive, put into less fine. What's what's the downgrades Cody plastic. All right, diamond word and then just create a bunch of plastic replicas and then give those out like there's no tomorrow cheapen the shit out of it. So eight looks pretty. It really does when you love you. It sounds really nice, but it means nothing. It's I don't know where I was going with that. I just depressed myself. Really sad. I just love you. That I'm obviously kidding. Save yourself for marriage. So don't say, I love you until you get married. Yeah. Sure you will never get married. Good luck with that. All right. That's what I did God up. My girlfriend was like, love you. And I was like, I'm sorry. I don't say that until marriage. That's very serious. Say that. Love until I don't open my ELS until marriage. Okay. Anyway. That's so good. Do something that sounds like loved. Okay, like we got like, actually, we're not done. Do something that sounds like love like, I love you. I want you. I what does that even mean home? No, like I rub you or I rub you. That's all. Very intimate. That sounds incredibly, I rub you. Oh. God, it sounds like Phil Dr. Bill, would you care to show will compare. I rub you not. All right. No, he probably said, I love you to his real children Carlton. And what are the other Sangley family friendly because of the incestual connotations? Yeah, we thought it was sexual rub. Rub you. Stuffing. But what happens if you say you rub me the wrong way? Sound like a rub gone really bad sexual think of road rub rogue. You want to the movies. We're gonna see. The new Star Wars movie. No. Grow this RAV really got away a rogue. Rub a rogue rug rub all rug rug. It's terrible and Vader shows up God, and then it's dark. Rub. Okay, John, we're done. We're done. Nothing to see. All right. So j just say, I've rub you just say that. Okay, so we're gonna get to the last question, but before we turned that corner, we want to stop here right before that corner and just say, thank you guys so much for listening to us for some scribe for leaving reviews. Please continue to do that. Well, you can't do that if you've already done that, but tell others about us spread the word fee like they keep listening to be. We expect you to be on the street corners just like everybody that's preaching about the sweet Lord Jesus. You should be right next to them talking about this. Hyperbole, like..

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