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All right. We have sunshine already and high on its way to forty six degrees of it a drizzle late tonight with an overnight low of thirty five. So we may start our tomorrow a little damp, but then some sunshine by afternoon, a high of fifty six sun and clouds Sunday, high sixty two and son Monday afternoon with a high of sixty seven it's twenty six degrees and sunny right now. Hey, guys, italics Ferrario joined the Aimee Marx scores for Chile's week and hockey as we dive deep into the blue seas at every Monday night notes from around the league and everyone's favorite. What's up with that eight to ten Monday nights on cable axe? Who says it's eight forty one. I know the song I'm gonna start singing along. But I can't think of who it is. Pop. Here's a third baseman. I think. Terrible. Oh my goodness. Okay. So Michael Kelly mentioned this crazy temperature swing that. We have had. I mean, some places are going from thirty below zero to fifty degrees in in just a few days. But definitely it's been cold in much of the United States. And while parts of his state saw temperatures reach twenty below Kentucky. Governor Matt Blevins' said that the US has getting soft by closing schools during subzero temperatures. He said come on what's happening to America. We're getting soft. We're getting very soft when asked about schools closing in his state on Wednesday. John hancock. Yes. Are we soft schools twenty below zero? Yes. Okay. I mean, these kids this is a this is a good character lesson to get up there. Neither rain nor slows snow nor sleet of night or dark of gloom. Or whatever the heck it is. Yeah, we should be out there. My father got up at three o'clock morning every day top trudged into the warehouse. Got it didn't matter what the temperature was. That's america. That's the work ethic that we need in this country. Yeah. I don't know that the governor's thinking this through because God forbid he had had these folks go on to class and something tragic would have happened to one of those students. I bet he would have felt differently and this pricing guy who's trying to reform the legal system. So that when somebody dummy makes a decision like he wanted to make some kid gets in peril that they wouldn't be able to sue Matt Bevin is up for reelection this year in Kentucky is numbers are not particularly good. He was a Republican. He's a guy that ran against Mitch McConnell. Mary. And so easiest these out there talking tough. Oh, I guess that's now I one who I think we're a little soft when there's like a small dusting. But when it's thirty below zero you can freeze your nose off. You know, it was not a good. You know, what was interesting for the polar vortex taxes when it was you know, it was cold felony colder than it normally did except if you were out there for a couple of minutes, and then you got into your car it almost felt like you had a sunburn. Yeah. It was crazy. The the coldness didn't feel like ridiculous, but you felt it on the skin. Yeah. And then you're no nostrils freeze to stuff. It is gross L. Thanks for sharing. Your welcome. All right. And by the way, when you do wear a scarf over your face. And it's that cold you basically just freeze the scarf to your face too because you're breathing, and it's all that moisture which immediately freezes and now you've got a scarf resin tear face see some of these pictures out of Chicago, what was going on. They were having to burn the Torrero tracks just a key to the train's running the league that was frozen like literally like something out of the Arctic in motion. Tracks for frozen over and my parents live in northern northern Illinois. So the last few days it was thirty below zero air temperature wind chill. It was thirty below. That was a tough old vortex events normal though, you know, nothing's happening to our climate should not be concerned about this. Don't. Oh boy. Well, it is going to be warming. Now, it's going to be seventy here on Sunday..

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