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See the they went to seattle and when they went to the rams in one jagran is a better coats and john group not it's not a shot at john good nothing jays really really good this season nobody could overcome the season the division's top or the nfc's top of their schedules brutal eh the face like the united face at seattle when seattle was healthy at the rams jon gruden getting all this pob jay grooms the better coach thirty think the blame than does not go and i would not i would not fire j gruden i would give jagland kirk cousins this he's fine he he is what he is he's always eat a little he slightly better than any dolphin he's matt ryan ann arbor to hate that have not thing mats i know for you at least christine will news well that's the news and thanks for stopping by the heard lie i am strangely interested in what i'm about to do so here we have the nfl playoffs coming up and everybody knows who is in the playoffs ride the wild card is this weekend so you're going to get tennessee at kansas city in buffalo at jacksonville as the steelers and patriots just wait around and in the nfc it's much more interesting carolina at new orleans and atlanta at the rams as the eagles in the viking just sit around but i was looking it's very interesting but quarterback list this year in the nfl in the playoffs is remarkable just listen to the quarterbacks i'm not going to list the top three mario to alex smith tie rod taylor blake portals case kinam nick full jared gough in the wildly uneven cam newton.

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