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Iron in that's different than saying i've wedge in because a seven hundred dollar rough is going to be very to hold but i could in theory hold a five or another fairway that makes sense. It makes it makes sense and your in your perfectly correct but my my thing is if you look at the longest par force like if you look at oakmont when it was playing like wet and stuff in guys were you know. They couldn't get it to the fairway. They couldn't get out of the rough no matter what they're still driver every hole because you're never gonna give up that chance because my point is gaza the pga tour. They hit their driver equally. Straight is a three hundred five one. I just maybe it's one percent two percent like it's it's not that big of a difference. The only reason you're hitting those other clubs is to set yourself up for a different shot. Which has everything to do with golf. Course architecture hilton head bay hill. All these places so to answer your question. I know what you're saying. But guys on the pga tour are still gonna hit driver because if they do it in the fairway and when they're playing well they will. They're going to have less club. Yup i think i'd be totally cool with that. If the you know there was a very clear a more clear punishment for being in the fairway and rough right hate the fairways at two eighty and then you start going net naked woman. Then you put trees up you build a rough up. That's how you fix the problem without changing the equipment. I've said that since day one. The architecture stop if you move the tease back. We're gonna hit more jobs. You move the tees up and you make the fairways tighter you cut. I mean look at pine valley. There's fairways at stop at to eighty like you. I don't have the option to hit driver period. You look at hilton head. And there's point holes that i lived like what's at number thirteen i have. I have to see a map on that one. But there's no way. I could hit driver within ten yards with the green and hit four every time every time. There's not a player on tour that hits driver that green why because the the risk further award is not great enough and that's simply because of the architecture not because of the equipment or anything like we can all straighten far. I'm not saying we're going to get to the point where it's good but you can his there's frigging railroad. Ties rounded is a bunker. There's trees overhanging everything. It doesn't matter you're not gonna hit driver. I'm way down. If the arguments more of you know certain sides of holes certain angles spa blah blah do to contours. Are you know really forcing your hand. Make decisions i can buy that more than just growing rough up. Just 'cause i think rough can have opposite effects. You know again. It's it's none of these things on their own. Make sense right. It's like the only thing that makes sense is making it. Different for us is all i agree. I if you do it through the like if there's if we fifty events a year you have fifty golf courses. you're probably gonna go to. You can cut fairways there. You make them tighter. Make them this you narrow in whatever like i don't i further game of golf itself. It's not. I don't think it's hurting hurtful to bring it back but it also don't think is making it better. I think it depends on how you define better. Yeah i think you'd better for for you. Watch the pga tour on tv. You the viewer. Yeah yeah yeah but for the grand scheme of things like you have a friend really pissed because gaza wedges and his barbas. Well you know like they could plant a free country in the middle of the fairway somewhere for guys do that. And the problem's gone. It's gone yeah. I i'm not saying it's right. I'm not saying it's the fix. I'm just saying like we have this massive conversation about rolling the ball. It's like rolling. The ball back is the most uneducated way to say. You don't like not you. The person doesn't like guys hitting it far on tv. Not i wouldn't. Of course. I am sumitomo that as literal as it would it would be a. It's not that we don't like seeing guys hit far it just. We would rather that be a more difficult task. Yes and more clubs less. Forgive if i don't make it shorter. Make them less. If there's eight home runs in an inning that is not as cool as one huge timely home run with the prop with different equipment. Set in that. Yeah in the if you gave them. Aluminum bats bombing them out park. That would stop an interesting. I'm saying don't make shorter. I'm saying make them less forgiving because it becomes more of a skilled hit it for then. It just does brute strength. we agree to disagree. We agree all right. I've taken a lot of your time. But i have to ask about crunchy pete covered any of that. You gotta you gotta tell us about your caddy. When we played i was i was surprised how i don't want to say how normal he was but he was is just a tremendous delight of guy. I feel like somebody with the nickname. Crunchy pete i thought he was going to be way more eccentric. I know you've got to. I'm sure some eccentric story. Oh yeah. I mean his he. That's what makes him so great as you can stick him in any room and he's gonna excel. Yes he's he can talk to anybody kind he's you know he's fairy like the probably one of the most common sense smart people i know just because of like his his his lifestyle like it's just it's very just everything so simple like i'm the person that's going to over think everything three times and he's just gonna be like man just hit it right here like Well duh think we'll because you thought about everything else. I so that's what makes pete grade is. He's very personable. He's he can relate to anyone and his he's experienced more in his life than most people will experience in ten.

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