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Accident that's my guess bcc donlevatar show with stu gods tony espionage radio it was the most fun racism can never be that day when the clippers slippers fell apart because of their owner is crazy and would do things like this while being interviewed by anderson cooper dad can you tell me made magic johnson what is he done but if he's a business person got age did he do any business i like then you help anybody in south valet parking is hiv doesn't actually focus on is a that is now collide leonard and the most interesting clippers team of all time those also apology tour donald's but i would try keep in mind thank you godson important point that the public relations fire a yeah so we got funniest thing from the sports weekend i think right after that is when they said you know what let's take away but that's it you lose it team unprecedented penalty bomber here it's yours free two billion dollars you figured out that he has any at any had a mike you're mad at us because funniest thing from the sports weekend is in ten ten minutes and we've gone two hours in this show without talking about the fact that the women's world that we are dominant in women's soccer where the best usa usa yeah what part of the problem two hours goes by and we don't talk about a women's team that won a world cup back to back world the cubs a dominant performance when the rest of the world starting the catch up inspiring i mean the the pressure filled pk that meghan pino took everything that was weighing on her not just the world cup.

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