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And i think my mentality on my business on to treat people on how to look at people and how to really support other people in this industry. It's hard it's isolating. There's so many places to hide when you're in the service industry you hide behind a smile behind the bar. Nobody knows what's happening. And i think community before profit has kind of morphed into coming more towards not joe's to of being like during the pandemic when march seventh hit. I didn't lay off any employees at in furlough any employees at it. Lay off any employees. A lot of my employees family members weren't working either so i felt a huge responsibility to hold their jobs to make sure that they were still getting paid to do whatever i had to do to make sure that they were getting paid so basically i went from supporting families to supporting. You know all fifty people. I employ ten people in most people have at least five people on their family. So it may that community before prophet a little bit more real to me and a little bit more like i have a responsibility when i employ somebody. I don't just employ them just for them to get the job done. I employ them to give them the tools they need to succeed to give them the tools they need to never have to work another entry level job again and to also make sure that their families and everything supported in one of the biggest things that came out of this for us was a sense of trust in a sense of loyalty for my employees which i never even thought what happened and that happened because i made that commitment right away. Okay if we do bleed an extra five six thousand dollars a month on payroll for them so we can keep everybody's hours so we can keep everybody on payroll so i don't have to lay anybody off. Then that's what we have to do. And i said to my staff if the ship saints. I go down with you and that meant that i wasn't just gonna drop everybody off. Which some people. Yes they had to do that. I completely understand that but we hinted peer and we threw something online. Saying hey at the end of this pandemic. Who do you wanna see standing. Do you wanna see the big corporations or do you want to see the small on pa companies and and the family owned companies standing at the end of this pandemic and it drew in an influx of orders over four hundred orders in two days after i posted a video online about. Hey we need help. This is scary to us and we want to survive. This and i need your help to help support these families that rely on me and really want me to make a difference in their lives and i think that that's kind of morphing back into community before profit like your bottom line is your bottom line. You have to have that to be able to support your employees but your bottom line shouldn't be your based decision during a pandemic during a crisis during a family catastrophe or something happening within their families. You have to look at your bottom line and make sure that your bottom line includes everybody in your business and who you've employed in around you in your community you don't just build and unlike exclude your community and hiring pool..

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