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At Shake Shack. Where is it Chick-fil-A? You just really getting chicken? I obviously go Shake Shack here. That's like France. We have friends who own Chick-fil-A's. So if I want Chick-fil-A on a Sunday, not really a problem, I can get it. How are you breaking news right now? I mean, I'm not bragging. That's on a Sunday? It might sound like I'm bragging. You're not the only member of the CBS. Community that can do this, by the way. Our own David Cobb. His wife works for Chick-fil-A I believe. As she's a Chick-fil-A influencer, I think that's what she's making. Maybe you misunderstood what I said. My Friends own Chick-fil-A's. Okay. Franchises. They own franchises. They're breaking in on a Sunday. Tossing on the fryer. I can get a Chick-fil-A tray whenever I want. Whenever I want. All right, there we go. And yet, and yet, you betray those close to you and pick a Shake Shack. If you want the pole will be up for 24 hours. This is an SEC pre. You know what? Chick-fil-A, SEC preview pod. I actually think that makes a ton of sense that we were talking about Kyle often in Florida. By far our longest conference preview and I do want to do what we've done in every single other one and legitimately give a mention of every single other team. Let's just stroll through the bottom half of this. You go ahead. I'm going to daydream about. Okay, let's go. I'm just going to do it. I got almost next. I got a 55 overall in the country there. Matthew morrell is the name to know. He averaged north of 15 points in the final month last season. I think he is the dark horse to be like a first team all SEC guy. He will be the MVP of this group. Why does it all miss do a promo? Mister morrell in the big steppers. Maybe they will. How do you know that's not the case? It's a free idea for you folks down in Oxford. And the big steppers. Just keep an eye on old mess because if they don't dance, you know, I'm not saying Kermit Davis deserves it. It feels maybe hot CD, you know, we'll see how it goes. If they're competitive in the SEC, they were bad. They were bad last year. They were hurt last year. Top two scores barely played. I know. Just, you know, I got a middle of the league if they're there. You know, maybe Kermit survives. If they're bad, like bottom four in the league and then they're gonna, there's gonna be another coaching change there. Then we'll ask it to a lot of these schools with new faces and new places. I got LSU 62 overall and a lot of that is due to KJ Williams coming from Murray state who was a power conference player thriving at the mid major level. There's a couple of Mary state guys that came over. McMahon billed out a good staff there. I'm a little ambitious on him, but a lot of this was also tied to, yeah, you know, SEC will be top heavy, but there's going to be some teams that break into this. Like when we look at the net torvik Evan Maya, Ken palm, Sagar and we're going to see a few of these teams in the top 70 of those rankings, even if they're not competing for at large bids. So I put LSU in that company overall. And then I've got it from an SEC standpoint in my overall rankings. Then I've got a significant gap there. The next highest team after LSU in the high 60s, you scroll all the way down to get to South Carolina at 87. Frank Martin's out, Lamont Paris, who just took Chattanooga to the tournament, he's in Gigi Jackson is the big, you know, big player there. It was the number one player in the class of 23. He reclassified was number 6 and 22. Let's not put too much on his shoulders here. Caroline is not going to be and then subway tournament team or anything like that. But I mentioned to see what he does there. DD Jackson in South Carolina feels a little bit like Anthony Edwards at Georgia. Yes, and he won't be and he won't be as good. So that's actually I hadn't considered that GP. Bingo bango from you right there. Then I'm speaking of Georgia, got Georgia 93rd overall. And Georgia is by most as seen as bottom two team in the SEC. I went off of Mike white on this, okay? Because yeah, the team was 6 and 26 last season, final year under Tom crean. But Mike white has won 66% of his games in his career, and that was at Louisiana tech and then that Florida combined, you know, they're not going to be an NIT team, but I'm going to say that he, you know, he does all right for himself here in the first year. I've got the narrowly ahead of Mississippi state who's 97 overall. Christians. And I even admit in the story, I could slip up on that one. Like I've got Mississippi 97, maybe Jan's immediately does damage makes moves. Has the bulldogs, you know, kind of a listless directionless program trying to push its way into the NIT. Maybe there are top 65 teams. I could whisk on that. I got him 97. And then the only two teams I didn't have ranked in my top 101 were vandy and Missouri we'll see, I wanted to, frankly, I wanted to make room for a few mid major teams that project as clear cut champions in their conference. I think iota will be better than Missouri this year. So I have iona ranked, and I don't have Missouri rank. Now, Missouri is 41. That's not, I noticed that myself. If you're 41 at Kim pom, you are in at large contention. If you're 41st at Kim pom on March 1st, you are in at large bid contingent. So, you know, I don't know if they'll be able to live up to those expectations, but the computer number next to Missouri's name is something that I noticed. 47 at a tour 41 slow but speeding for your mizzou tigers there at Ken pom Isaiah Moseley is the big transfer from Missouri state. You know, top 5 top three score of anyone in the transfer portal there. So we'll see how he handles the jump up Kobe Brown returning is significant as well. Dennis Gates is the new is a new coach there. And then Vanderbilt just hasn't yet gotten there. You know, under stackhouse, maybe it does. Jordan Wright is a big time returner of the Lewis Scott Pippen junior, someone's got to finish 13 someone's got to finish 14 the SEC. So that's an overall scan. We agree. It's going to be it's going to be a pretty fun, pretty entertaining league. There will be a surprise at least one. I'm mentioned to see who it will be. Let's get to our predictions on player coach and freshman of the year. What do you got?

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