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Of insurance required them to double their reserves for each and every policy in exchange so steve marsh joining us here in the program steve rashes here it's idaho's money show we come back let's talk about what the trump administration is proposing for changes for the health insurance industry will be right back news time is six thirty i'm jay how i've got some sad news for you this afternoon the greatest movie franchise in the history of film is coming to an end streets scifi has decided to sink the shark nato franchise after the sixth and final installment airs this august if you were among the one point nine million viewers who took in shark nato five little swarming you'll remember series star ian's earings character finn wandering the earth is the last human left alive just wait here waiver sharks the ring down well sharp nato six we'll see finn time travel to before the original shark nato in an effort to save the planet from those flying shark carrying tornadoes and all the chaos that comes with it and again that chopper and throw bombs into the tornadoes the original shark nato was a social media cult hit with the sequel pulling in major ratings with three point nine million viewers i'm tj continue sad sad news on the cable market watch the dow picked up to fifty five news is brought to you by campaign credit union jay howell six seventy k b o six seventy k b o traffic while i'm sorry to say it's been a tough commute from downtown boise on the connector heading out west but i guess the good news is it's a little bit better they're starting to get some cars through at that crash which happened at about franklin street still some backup starting at just before orchard street but there is some improvement so i guess that's good who said in napa not good news at the garrity boulevard exit very slow all the way to the franklin boulevard exit and north side boulevard as matter of fact from the by mark traffic studio that your right now traffic six seventy k b o weather from k b o i mostly clear skies the.

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