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Chills me to believe new york city. Get this hot. But i have to say that i give much love to the fact. That air conditioning is the greatest invention in the world in the history of inventions. Yeah everybody will say lie on the telephone or the internet not fucked up. Ac is the greatest invention in the history of fucking A technology and science. I'm sorry i think that we'd have been able to find a way to live without the other things but air conditioning especially during the summer. Foggy you pants down. Probably the greatest thing ever had a recur but with that being said get defeat the purpose. Of why i would do this because without the internet. I can't have a conversation with you. Guys about what's going on in mike podcasting borough not only the typical tabby were but What we hear. Listen to what we enjoy early on in turbo khattab liz years. We were very bitter. Because we sat there and he said to ourselves we went and said you know what fuck that we the best fucking park has ever. We shot the shit and call people out and their bullshit. After some years we sat down and we looked at ourselves and say you know what we're doing. Well we were. We were making connections. We're okay we don't do that we we're we're good and after listening to a few podcast in ice. Yeah why even challenge anything else. If i'm listening to a show or friends who to show who are doing well and they sound really good. Why not why not share to the masses who listen to us on a weekly basis so this is when the idea came four. I'll put you over. Which is turmeric. Attaboys shoot for wrestling podcasts. That aren't ours. It's does that we enjoy and is not the podcast that the mainstream Celebrity known wrestling podcast. Like i are bischel or Arn anderson or chris jericho no it's for individuals who are like us warrant a scene kind of world that we live in and are doing a podcast. That's that's basically doing it for the love of the show. You i appreciate those who walk when you listen to them. That they're they're you know he had the did The i guess the forced monologue to where they have to put something over. I love the fact that when i'm listening to a podcast of this magnitude it about individuals who loved the product day talk and share their opinions and history of wrestling as we do so on this episode. We do like we usually do where we share two episodes of podcast that we enjoy and one of them is basically. We consider family. Because we advertise. We advertise them on the show but we also admire their look on the the wrestling john aurora history as well and another one is though that it's a it's a fresh a fresh look at Their outlook as well as the history arresting. So let's just getting to the whole business thing which we do here a typical tablet so before we can send you. Make sure you check us out of all social media. Alex check us out on a group page on facebook. Check us out on instagram. my terrible tabas world as on twitter book title and always check us out on the youtube to anchor. The the the Other outlets available where which. I didn't know that we were out there on the social media but apparently we are getting loved there as well. Thank you very body sharing us. What else knowing checkout turnbuckle tabloid and as always check us on our all the podcasting outlets check us out on iheart spotify. Google podcast Apple podcasts wherever the fuck you he get turbomeca tabloid where available so. Make sure you check us out on all the podcasting out was but if you don't go there you could always get us at rage. Works done rage network dot com. Where you could get. You could connect with everything. That's in a rage works family you get Black is the new black. You'll get Trek until you get toys and tax and of course you get us there anywhere. Did you want to connect with the world of podcasting rage. Works is right. There at rage works network dot com and he also check us out at rachel john that because you know anyone who listens to us we're all connected to the one thing which is pop culture. You got movies. Tv shows comic books video games. Whatever it is. It's all connected. Outrage works rachel. Exotic i mean thuan. Why go anywhere else when you go to raise looks. That radio was done that we do it for the coach. Obey pop culture that is so choke sam. Radio is a seasonal podcast that they basically break down certain moments in wrestling history or certain moments of what's going down in the current history. Let me explain is not like us where we do a breakdown week by week of The current environment arresting but them. Dave find a certain area of the current and the previous history wrestling and the three of them. This basically break it down in their own form The main host of the show is jim russell and we have begun. So-so as well who's been a par- participant in the show for some time. And i i feel as though that there has been a rotation on the third participant of the show and from the episode that i was listening to They had vibes on this episode. I don't know who he is. But i must say that was very studious on the wrestling game. He he pretty much knew a lot of things that a lot of so-called wrestling fans think that they know i i was. I was very impressed by his history of knowing when and where matches occurred. And how Also the reasoning. Why wrestling had their their hiccups and.

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