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My buddy Luca tally. I tell you old school blah back from Gracie bodies was over in Brazil's a twenty three year olds. I noticed dude. Like twenty years. Oh, I like guys I need viz. Jimmy, like, you know, people who knew not that. I'm the fancy pants. I commerce a little bit over in Brazil for the first time. There's a lot of guys that were cool. Some guys are very cool. And I'm friends that are that that day. Names that stand out as Daniel grazie. Very good, dude. Attends cousin. He's over has Gracie. Philly teachers all over teaches in Brooklyn other guys are not as nice is guys say Gringo, you'll training train with a guy like gringos. Not exactly nice. Are they nicer to you? Now, though, I some of those same guys I hundreds percent, they probably don't even remember because you were the new so I was the only American on the maths back then. Well, you know, they target you. And try to like didn't want to get their ass kicked by the American right? No. Yeah. They didn't like the black belts were they they they had my number, man. They were fucking on point. There's a purple belt. Did you get tapped at all as a black? Fucking attack me. But other than that, I well whatever you want. But if you go keep doing. Yeah. I mean, you know, it's not like, I I lived on the mats back then. But anyway, listen reminiscent. How to fuck that we get to this. What am I doing tonight? I am teaching which is the hearing. Or past. Yes. It would be great for you. I agree. I'm not trying to promote it. I really did that on my social media. But I was trying to if you have your first lesson. I would love to do. I can't come taping. All right. I'm taping set on I work. I'm working on a new bit. It's actually been really picking up steam. I'm very happy with the new big Jimmy how about this Jimmy tries jujitsu up film it one hundred percent, right. You might be like well look at. This guy's got. What's the difference? One hundred percent right watching go. I thought he was just a funny looking at limbs it was just a heartbreaker Muffin top little fat boy doing well. Stop eating match treats Jimmy one second. I think you're talking about. No, you're in good shape. What did you say a Muffin? Tom Muffin top a little fat. Boy. Fatwa. That's why bothered with Khalil Roundtree junior used to be a fat kid boy to wait. Now. He's donnas that all the girls are high school that now the probably little chubby and whatnot. And not that I judge, but they're looking at Khalil look at you Khalil Roundtree like e man figure, but you know, the funny thing wanna talk since the fights. How amazing was his trip to Thailand. All he did was kick. He kicked era ganders legs. It was bar. Aaron picking that fight. I think I had Khalil. I don't think you did. No. I didn't take how about this. You did. You took stay originally. Do you know why I know that I thought he had arcade lost to a? Because I remember what your pick. I remember that kid Lee. Don't like it. Picked wrong. Jimmy you pick thrown Jimmy. No, I did. I originally had sorry. I originally had Khalil I like Khalil Anders because he had lost two straight making straight, Krista producer. That's the time. You don't think? Sometimes you don't think you guys don't lose three straight fights. Well, this little Chris would would say, no, I picked Eric end is. But I I I was going to pick Khalil. That's exactly what Khalil. I had picked him. Now antonina. Do we have you shift shaneco?.

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