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There was a there was an internet advertising bubble get into the year two thousand yes and you could see it. Everybody start bailing out from all these ads and banner. Ads died and all the rest of it. So that's not a new thing that decision going to happen. It's more of a cycle to me than it is a bubble but even though it is looks like a bubble it probably should collapse as for the These I don't I've never under fully understood why when you say type Ebay let's say or anything else. You see sponsored ad which is the link at the top and then three searches down when the links where the where the advertising ends three links down founder so There it is again yes and I always click on that one right while. You're yeah yes exactly right. You're paying on the. You're clicking on the one that Google doesn't get paid for. I don't see why it should be clicking on something when the search engine itself will give this to me like a couple of days. I mean there's no reason for it exactly. Well the he he's a statistician and is a very interesting read. It's very thorough. It's not a short read that it's not a short regrets. I I in fact. I've just repurpose it in the show notes. You'll find it right there at the top Internet advertising bubble and the stories underneath that underneath that link so so let's just really interesting and I read it this morning. Wow this is it confirms everything. Kinda new and in advertising in it starts off with the famous quote of Mel Karmazin who was running What was he running? At the time Mel Karmazin was running on Viacom Viacom in two thousand three meal he he walked into the Google offices in mountain view. California to find out you know how these Larry Page judge in Larry Page brings Sergei. And whatever the Russians Sergei Larry how they were you know how they were doing this and his his. You know our business highly measurable we know exactly what you can just two thousand three talk obviously and Carmen said you know. His famous quote was you guys are fucking talking with magic which is totally true because that advertising actual results of advertising is kind of magical because no one can explain if it works the famous quote. I know half of my advertising money is working. I just don't know which half it's a great article to read. I think you'll like it. You'll like it a lot louis wars well. It only took him a COUPLA. What is it about two months? But you're no agenda. Show new it already. Health officials have made a breakthrough in their investigation into the long illnesses and deaths linked to vaping the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found vitamin E. Acetate in all twenty nine samples of lung fluid taken from patients. It's the first time the CDC has found a common suspect impatience. Lungs damaged by when heated and inhaled vitamin E ACETATE is thought to cause a chemical burn injury in the lungs but the CDC says more tests still need to be done. You have to better understand. The pathology of how the vitamin E. that gets into the lungs and causes. The damage to the lungs occurred vitamin C.. Acetate is often used as thickener in black market beeping fluid containing thc the active ingredients in marijuana but just twenty three of the twenty nine tested positive for thc see at least two thousand illnesses and forty deaths have been linked today thing of course these were all attributed to jewel. And Oh oh my God kids and we can't have we can't have them vaping sweet liquid your marketing towards kids this. This is a problem with the no agenda agenda show We're watching this news report pretty much when you just played last night. And I'm thinking vitamin E acetate state. Where this is news? As far as I'm concerned we talked about this and I thought it was already discussed in the mainstream media. No two three weeks ago now but now I realize it's only was discussed on our show. Apparently yes and we have a giving vigny trouble with some watching some of the news. 'cause I'm watching this thinking this isn't news. Yeah we all knew that vitamin E ACETATE was the culprit. Here they did mention as tickner reckoner discussing Also also that it was purely in the THC cartridges and our research. We went directly leads to the source and I went to Justin the drug dealer. which any news outfit could have done? But no they're not they're not because they're all complicit in ruining ruining the vaping industry. So that Philip Morris and what's that other company Fake name who that was used to be American Tobacco who bought jewel just to kill. The vaping industry wanted to bring in their heated tobacco. And there's an additional reason. You were talking earlier about Michael Bloomberg. All the Anti Jewel adds that his name is on it and I would like to know does Michael Bloomberg. I'm sure he does uh-huh I wonder what kind of position he has in tobacco stocks. I wonder if he has any position in that California in particular. It has a huge problem with people stopping smoking. I know this sounds weird. But they have a huge problem with people stopping smoking and moving to vaporize nicotine inhalation which I do and I don't smoke tobacco anymore and I have not died yet because I'm not falling for the stupid. I did my own research and I went to the drug dealers and I got the true story and here. It is being confirmed This is a From a Youtube Channel called Truth About vaping of this is Almost five years old this little piece of the clip that I'm pulling for for you so see little over-simplified you know it's one of these animated things but specifically in California but also in other states. There's a a big reason. The states themselves do not want tobacco companies selling less tobacco products. Because you don't get a very specific benefit as state when it comes to nicotine problem number one the more money big tobacco makes the more money. California gets in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. A deal was struck between the biggest big big tobacco companies and forty six s stakes called the master settlement agreement or MSN. This agreement said that these big tobacco companies would make nearly payment to the states. Aides in exchange for the state's dropping lawsuits against them regarding smoking related deaths expenses. The amount of money big tobacco pays the states. Each year is directly dependent dependent on how much they sell problem number two. The state spent that money before they got it. Most of the states wanted all that money up front instead of waiting for payments from big tobacco each year so they sold bonds to Wall Street based on the amount they calculated big tobacco would be paying them but then something started happening. American American started smoking less New Jersey. Ohio and Virginia have already announced they have to take money from their reserves due to insufficient funds from the tobacco money and with the growing popularity of e cigarettes the smoking rate is declining. Even Faster California and New York are being affected the most because they have the highest populations and are road the most money by Big Tobacco under this agreement in two thousand thirteen. Cigarette shipments saw their biggest decline since two thousand nine and many financial analysts say the cause of that severe declined is so the truth. The state of California needs tobacco sales to stay high otherwise default on their bonds e cigarettes are getting in the way of it. Looks like the health of the public isn't the top priority for the Department of Public Health. Their top priority. Their wallet obviously propaganda pro vaping being video but the data is refuting irrefutable. And I don't know how much money this is. I'm sure we can figure this out. But this master settlement agreement was a big big deal though you look that up and find out is. I'm sure it's a lot. Yeah so there's everyone's against people actually stopped smoking tobacco and so they're all judy about this. I quattro thing that money. Yeah Yeah it's all about expect. Lungs Swung von Cancer Schmeltzer. I mean what's your problem. Long strong get out of here is great. Well that was a nice find but of course none of it should be surprising. Well no it's states like California New Yorker probably the Max corrupt states totally. Yeah it's like yeah I was listening to one of the financial shows In there were discussing you know. Trump's moving taking his residency to Florida where there's no personal income tax tax write but New York State of California. Does the same thing New York State Senate okay you can say you're a Florida resident but if you you know but if you wrote doing any business here on your best average year but in the past they're gonna go after he anyway it would take him probably five six years. I know a guy who did did this T- I know a couple of people. Actually that they've decided they didn't want their sick of paying California personal income tax which is pretty high. It's like ten percent or higher and they moved just across the border. He moved in Nevada. There's no personal income tax of adding you can go back and forth but date type dog Let's see how many days have been coming across. You're doing any business you making a phone call. You're hanging one of our towers. It's interesting you you mentioned that I had an LLC. Ten years ago in California Things Zulu APPs and it it it was dormant mm-hmm and I closed it and it never no money ever ran through it this year. I got the California Tax Board sent me a bill for over one thousand dollar saying at home tax and now I have to go fight. These jokes let me know. What do you mean no tell you right now? You'RE GONNA lose that you have to pay. But what just happened to us. So what am I gonNa have like an well. We had an employee wants and is years ago and then all of a sudden day. Irs she started the blue they ding us for some back. You know so security. This is for twenty two thousand eighteen. This is yes ridiculous but I

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