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The bbc world service with me paul henley coming up the acclaimed indian novelist amitav goche talks about the latest floods in mumbai and the city's failure to deal with them beaten japan windows an earthquake everybody knew what do you mean their windows afloat nobody knows what to do so for example in now in we'll might this time round all or there won't be even proper warnings that's coming up a bit later in the program now as usual we have to guests here for the rest of the program to give their personal perspective on the news and issues we discussed today i'm pleased to say it on joined by jane kinen montoux senior research fellow of the middle east and north africa program at the royal institute of international affairs which is otherwise known as the think tank chatham house here in london and steered po this is a broadcaster author and former editor of it end one of britain's leading news networks welcome back both at stewards u b been witnessing the women's euros football championships this summer in a founded in uplifting of uplifting process right yes i follow number of clubs around europe for male football matches book was really impressed with the euro women's tournament which was held in holland it helped the dutch team won the competition but actually what really struck me was the competitiveness without the convoy of more you might call a nasty age which lemail football has already thought that women showed men who it could be a truly beautiful gang is it about to break into the mainstream if it hasn't already each become much more professionalised in most european countries but of course measured by crowds and by television exposure it's it's nowhere near as big as men's football but it's getting bigger all the time tell us what's been infusing you work wise this summer jiang when i this being.

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