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Stupid part since there are no rules about emotional support animals. All you have to say, this is an emotional support animal. I need this animal you go on an airline, and they have no choice. Well, not airlines saying, oh, no. We're gonna stop it right here. First of all no support animals for flights. Limiting them for flights over eight hours because he can't have a dog or a cat sitting there for eight hours. My dog could have done that stayed for eight hours. Yeah. The col- crossing your legs for eight hours. Oh, but most that's a long time is a time. And also there they have to do is first of all figure out a national registration animal for service animals. They have to be certified, which means that service organizations. I have to register and half to be in half be accredited and just do that. That's easy to do that. With filing a permit fee. And and that way limited to legitimate service animals, you just said it Bill legitimate. Yeah. That's exactly it will have gone. This is my this is my I need this lizard. I need bird people have gone to bring a peacock on. Yeah. That's right. And then brought ferret ferrets and someone tried to bring a parrot on there. So it has to be legitimate there. For example, the dogs to help the the the the the blind. Well, I want saw seeing eye chicken and. And it worked. I mean, it was that's a support animal is probably still tastes. Seen a chicken run. The person trying to follow the chicken. It's not fun. It's a rocky. Okay. Here's the story about the person. Didn't have I got I got you. That's miniature horses are still allowed. That's right, which I've always wondered about that. But they have to be service animals. Yes. Emotional support. I don't care. How do you bring a horse on an airplane with a small one? Small have you seen miniature horses are like the size of a small dog. No, they're not a big dog. Very big dog. Great Dane like a yellow dog except a lot more girth. Yeah. I mean, not if not to mention do we know the animals wanted to talk about support they need support. I don't want to be on this plane for eight hours. I didn't sign up for that. And by the way, there's no horse second hold on for eight hours in cross its legs. That's for sure. Speaking of. Yes. Speaking of planes, oversized luggage. The buggies is actually the workers. Right..

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