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Radio UFC fight night two forty three was a dandy in Anaheim California in season new heavy weight champion of the world for the fourth round TKO now former champ Daniel Cormier winning this remains he gets back to the world heavyweight title in one fan in a heavy weight fight on the diamond Milwaukee out slugging Washington fourteen brewers tying a club record seven homers in a game two one from Kristen yell at them it was a slug fest in the American League as well a high fly ball in the right and depots are going back it's not that's the goal of the treasurer of the baseball network the twins over the range while seven now Minnesota leads the AL central by two and a half over twenty one the Yankees beat the Indians six to five on Saturday elsewhere the red Sox for nothing whatever Baltimore protect the losses Chris sale goes on the injured list with helpful information on the PGA tour just in time if you take a course record sixty one he's got the lead after three rounds of the BMW championship twenty six shots over thirty three note pad for can't like Tiger Woods three to five hundred sixty seven he's got some hope that I have a heck of a run to make your title next week that'll be in Atlanta no not Monday should one NFC team is getting their franchise quarterback back this season start panicking about who's backing him up plus the latest on the Lakers who.

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