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Rival network qvc is buying aitchison for two point one billion dollars jason if there is a deal in the world media john malone can't be far behind he seems to be very common factor in a lot of these deals and i think of the this this all basically revolves around liberty interacted which is a private company and you get liberty interactive which owns qvc it also owns a minority interest in hvac and so essentially this deal buys the rest of that interest out and more or less combines two of the big players in what is is a bit of the i don't know if the most attractive space moral tv shopping at this at this point time but but but perhaps or something still there i mean what their ultimate going do they're going to restructure this amalgam of nonretail and retail assets in in one of the spinoffs there is going to result in aitchison qvc and zueili as part of this sort of retail company and and we members xouli it was public for a for a short time and it wasn't really the most attractive invest either so i i'm not sure this is necessarily all that if a attracted from the investors perspective but but i mean this boils down to john malone in this is what he does it's it's less about skating toward the puck is going and moored at finding official waste unlock the most value from any given set of assets and he's he's obviously out a lot of knowledge of and expertise in that media space uh in in so i know this is kind of one of those things where it's a deal that he can work i don't know that it necessarily translates to the individual investors well but but again this is right in his wheelhouse i suspect hill up end up netting a nice little gain from it.

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