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After ted is charged with murders and assaults at Florida state. You still always cases not west. Clearly Florida has the best evidence in so the prosecutors got together and said look. We're going to prosecute Ted Bundy from our perspective. I WANNA get bundy off the street forever. The trial got off kind of slowly because Bundy was not cooperating with his attorneys. Ted Bundy wanted to be the one who is in charge. They told me he was gonNA confess. Make it right for the people hurt and then he went on to this show of saying I'm innocent. I'm innocent I'm innocent. I'm just so angry about that. I'm here today because I assert my innocence. The judge allowed Ted Bundy to you. ACT AS CO counsel for a defendant to be a part of the defense team is extraordinarily unusual. He had gone to law school cool. This wasn't so farfetched for him to be in a courtroom lawyer that represents himself has a fool for a client. And I want to caution function you about that but I'm not going to deny that right so it's the ideal stage for Ted Bundy. He thinks he can manipulate and convince cheery through his charm and good looks that he couldn't have possibly committed these crimes every day during the trial and the courtroom was filled some reporters but mostly spectators. A number of them were young. Women who are I think just drawn to the allure of seeing this guy on trial carol. Boone was one of the constant personalities. Karel Boone actually met Monday back in his Washington Lynn state days so she knew him before any of these things happen. She was his advocate. She called him bunny. She was affectionate towards him. He literally sort of pulls her into his web convinces her he's not guilty. Your conclusion is what that he did not commit. The murders in Washington Washington state that he did not abduct Carol that he did not murder or of duct any of the other women in Utah that he did not kill Karen Campbell that he did not commit. The Crimes Mega City or on Dundee Street. Tallahassee was a true believer and she wanted everybody else to have the same conviction that he was not in guilty person. I called Ray crew the afforestation university police department to kind of set the scene of what uh he saw whenever he got to the cow mega house and for some reason. Mr Bundy decided that he wanted to crossing salmon officer. Craig Morrison Awesome. He asked him to describe in detail this horrific crime scene. You describe.

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