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With trent taylor last year the lot receiver small guy very quick but you know as soon as he gets opened that ball is on him and he's able to to get it and turn up field i think the same dynamic is in play with with jerick mckinnon he's fast he's quick he's a a match up nightmare for an inside linebacker and with jimmy garoppolo is quick touch or quick pass and his precision i think that that that's gonna end up you know some of the biggest games this year i predict are going to be on quick passes you know the ball's probably only in the air for seventeen yards but mckinnon who will be able to turn it up field for you know fifty sixty yards calcium didn't atlanta and they got to a super bowl in a super bowl with that kind of offense and so that's what the the design is matt brita remains on the depth chart worry about wide receiver a little bit mad i mean i know garoppolo made marquees goodwin look like a pro bowler and he made trent taylor look like a pro bowl backup and but you know are saunas back but he's looking at garson goodwin born kendrick born and you're kinda like it's not that deep and then here comes dante pettis how much do you think they're gonna expect look good i mean i think he's the first guy off the bench i think he's probably challenging all rick robinson for for that role and you know kyle shanahan said this week they're both guys that can can play all three wide receiver spots they can play out of the slot they've got speed on the outside you know it'll be interesting to watch perez he's he's very slightly built i mean he he's a great move he's got great body control and that's how he gets open you know he's.

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