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I mean I talked ice cube before actually did it before I did. It Duval shot him out. He invited me up to Hollywood. Squares wears this summer and he told me he was up there. He knew that I was trying to pitch something to him so he led me come up. They're like you know to visit him but he put me in the room with cube and I was like hey a you know y'all. y'All slept on a beach or job. Bites lucky for you agree. The show go have corn. He was like well getting together and you know give it to me. Watch your hustle like this rich like me. Go was used in some way at some point. You said something I ask you something. The I look I'm already rich. I don't you know what that's Meco is already fucking rich rich because as as much as much as I like to take credit for you know my man's check over from being on the side that I'm on it's not mine and I had goals and during the things that I wanted to do and I was accomplishing those until I met him and then I put everything on pause to be a wife and a mother. Stay at home mom. I don't want somebody else babysitting my son you know so. I you know I just stayed home and now he's a big boy now so mama's back on her. I want what I wanted before. I want my own show. I want respect in this industry and so you didn't stop you paused. I paused so let me ask you this. You say is not yours that that fucking subject is very very touchy in the male and female conversation because a lot of women I would think would say that of course it's yours right because if you're right there as a wife and a mother and taking care of so many things that bring cannot take care of their whatever he makes of course. It's yours why don't and they and when you say something like that like where what people were saying. Oh the Hoshi what you're shooting in the gym thing like that or whatever they always say well. You're leaving out these contributions on the on the white side on the motherhood side and it's it's everyone's married. It's it's yours. Why don't you feel like that's yours probably because it sports you know because I played played also I. It's it's not to say that it's not mine because outside of being you know the wife and mother that he was also managing in you know secretary. You know whatever whatever he needed but it's more because it came in so fast you know I think when you think about people being wealthier my type of wealthy like it took them a while. Take get their this came twitter you fucking. I love it. My type of wealthy podcast my type. Oh well right now right now. Go grounds my type walked you regular rich anyway going to go wild to to build a lot of other people's wealth and and that's like a a stamp of approval on a woman to have held her family down for a long time not saying that I didn't because I you know it's been ten years but we were rich before the ten years you see what I mean so it comes in real fast and you don't feel entitled because it's almost like he was gonna do this with or without you know saying my responsibility you know as his wife is to make sure we don't end up broke you know and so that's what I'm putting more of my brain power behind. How do you make sure that you that you guys ended up broke. What are you doing first of all educate him on all the broke niggers after they retire. I first rule very through. Here's the broke. Nick Nick is he doesn't want to know no. It's yeah so and then you learn from their mistakes yeah and then the second thing I do is I am his mouth piece anytime the time. Somebody needed some money. They gotta come through me because he'll say yes any dancing. No no so that's it's very useful yeah. I'll be the bad guy. Everybody needs that in your life because you know people come up to you and they ask for all kinds of shit and it's so hard to. I'd say yes so hard because well what happened is that is not like a large sum of money to you right the one person so somebody to be like your van school starting but whatever whatever however if I could just hold two thousand dollars you thinking you know what I'm saying. You think you think you think I'm enrolling as we go. Are you thinking you'd think so a two grand like you know what I'm saying and give them the two man to grant the before you know it you didn't give him. Two grand didn't giving him fifteen hundred five three three and they keep coming you out eight or nine thousand dollars. I'm not hurt type rich. That's a lot of money to be right right. So what I'm saying. Is it adds a dope to have somebody to be like you know talk to her about that and then she goes on and on and they gotta they gotta sell me and I'm not an easy easy sale. What what when you look for like what what would make you loan the money. Where would it be circumstances out of their control. Oh you know you you laid on your rent three months nama concern. You knew three months ago you who's right you know but emergencies. He's Doctor Bills Hospital car crashes. You know stuff like that like you know. We can help with that yeah but if you just if you just irresponsible possible you gotta figure that out on your own not my responsibility to make your your grown well. It gives me as the people that come back and ask for money for the same like that's what happens. They'll they'll use you as a crush. They'll just you spend their money on whatever they want to spend on that concert they wanna go to that. CH- vacation soon or whatever and all I'm just GonNa bar from Brain Miko. They got it. They got it the got him and wait and tell them about to be victory. Oh my God me and my kids view victims. Eh wasn't Jujitsu Jamaica what to say on the Graham Montego Bay. Take that motherfucker know. Here's the thing with me. I'm at this beach a lot. I'm a motherfucker from six to five. I'm not having as much fun as yellow right so if I lost some money. Don't go go on. This bids like I is is a long time. I just WanNa go home and just do regular shit by Watch Basketball Games. I missed the fucking Shit. You Oh you stunned while I'm here that I'm paying for that right and that that's so harmon yeah. That's why I gotta be a super super duper rich. What do you think is super duper rich coach for me. Yeah hold your million dollars. Oh I don't I don't know if I'll ever be dirty enough to get under a million dollars one hundred million dollars. I think just the richer you get the more you get. You know especially if it's not like an athletics or something where you get millions of dollars a year type of shit. US comeback so you're saying that anyone who have ask a hundred hundred million I'm just saying if you just come across a million quick you on your way up you scumbag in your way so what I feel like black people feel that way. We shouldn't feel that way. That's why people feel is don't think white people look at other people that have like one hundred million dollars or two hundred million dollars. They don't necessarily have to be a scumbag to get that they did that. You have to be like specifically talented or specifically lucky to get it but why would you have gone back to get one hundred million dollars. You almost there. You like two million away. No not a Nazi. You're saying right now. I wouldn't say one hundred million. That's low okay. What about billion a billion. You are a horrible him. Be Horrible horrible human being Jason. He got a bill about to continue to show us. What a horrible human being you saying Jay Z's a horrible human being he had to get to one billion yeah really yes you step on so many next to get there. I know you did did is cool. I can't name you a billionaire right now. Oprah don't even even do me what I'm asking you over his awful over. You think Oprah's all God awful she's with like one of the worst was Warsaw Road Olbermann. She's just counterfeit to me. She's just you know she is. I was you know coming up. I was a big oprah fan and washed her show when everything in his dinner show you know why she white washed it and then she you know when she started on her little healthy she. I've seen the first time I've ever seen in her really like realize like Oh. These bitches like not one of us is when she tried to put that beef on TV and talk about how horrible it was and and the beef industry had Israel has like you know what I'm saying like. Come on like by the lawsuits you buy a I like Oprah still get sh- she the open the past but I think the Oprah's good. I think she's going back. She's a billionaire and I just don't. I just don't like some of the things that she represents. She did a speech h wish she was. She got her little Oscar or whatever she did. A little speech and I was not the Oscar but you know that award she won at what awards with those were the ones before the Oscars Bruce Golden Golden. She get like I dunno black person at a year or something like that order. She said you know she says she she compared are- see what's her name is her name Rec- Taylor the black woman who was raped and dragged in the south how she tried to compare her story to like me too movement a woman you know just try to try to even Mesh those stories together. I'll just wanted to throw up now. Don't try don't do us we. The black woman has nothing to do with the metoo movement. Black woman has nothing to me too movement. It's not about us. The black WHOA black woman start at the has nothing to do with how come every time something happens the black women. She didn't say anything to you so you say in Toronto Burt Broadway. I've done work with her of her. She is but my my problem is every time something happens to a black woman like somebody like the whole the SPN things that was that was happening. They don't speak one of my friends. Adrian. She he has pin of sexual misconduct and and nobody's stood for her. Nobody's to rely black women are being left behind and the me too movement yeah just like the Women's movement period eerie that wasn't about black women that was about white women. I I would say that there are a lot of black women who think not only the part of movements but there Rana both both movies..

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