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Well it's been happening since nineteen eightysix big crowd of athletes young and old lacing up their running shoes and hitting the streets in the la marathon now as healthy as it is to be so athletic all of those people leave behind an awful lot of trash as they make their way from dodger stadium across town to santa monica but the la marathon is working to clean up its act kpcc's sue carpenter has our story this sunday more than twenty five thousand people will subject themselves to the la marathon plotting mile after grueling mile from dodger stadium to the pacific most will run many will walk but all of them will experience something they'd rather not see yeah he said something about trash i can talk about trash that's karen hopkins of santa monica she'll be running the marathon for the fourth time this weekend she spoke with me during lunchtime walk this week it it really bugs me when i see people just throw their cups down because there's trash cans right there most of us out there we're just doing this to finish we're not gonna win a prize we're not the elite runners so if it takes you two seconds to throw it in a trash can you should do that yes to run the la marathon is to run a gauntlet of throwaways and there's also like yeah the gel packs there is so close that's usually picked up leftover food half eaten food a lot of which is now being picked up donated composted or recycled as part of the la marathon goal of being more sustainable it used to be that most of this stuff was thrown away but in two thousand fourteen the la marathon started to clean up its act last year the marathon diverted sixty two percent of its waste this year it hopes to divert seventy five percent or really recycling as much of the material that we can says jaime nack she's president of three squares the environmental consulting firm in santa monica that designed.

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