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In a kind of teased before the break. At the end of the day we gotta make some money. If we're gonna keep providing genius to the world so what are the actual elements that can lead to a profitable. Well designed retreat. John i might sound a little repetitive. But experiential experiential experiential create something that creates unique elements. Make sure as i mentioned that your location teaches your material. Also your activities create value and that did not commonplace for example. I wants to retreat on transcending fear and i took my group down to have a super high falls grand canyon and part of the john jones. Retreat was jumping off a thirty foot waterfall. So the location aligned with what. I was trying to teach on the retreat. That key element is. What's gonna get your retreat. Sold in the first place alignment without a mint. Your retreat is just like a boring. What i call boil chicken of that. No one likes boil chicken. I like the word alignments. Dr sheri's us at a few times. So you really going to think about that alignment with what your doing fire nation. So you gave one example doctor sherry. Can you give me a couple other examples that you've seen over twenty one years that were just really aligned. It doesn't even have to meet per se yours maybe a candy but like you like. Wow that is so aligned for these specific reasons. Yeah one thing that. I love right now for example if you're a health or wellness retreat and year. Teaching people had eat healthy. What i love is the new thing. They have now wild dining so for example create a while dining five star experience in the forest at night on a table that's covered with fine china and a symphony of flowers right out of alison one dilan all foraged and found food. So it really aligns with what you're doing it depending on what you're teaching on if you're visiting a foreign country dine in the home of a local family so you can make deep connections foster understanding and compassion because if done riot travel changes people. And that's what's gonna make you stand out in your niche with known for designing something extraordinary. Because honestly john there is nothing worse than one. More boring yoga retreat. It just drives me crazy so you you want to make sure that it's something different and you can ask you retreat center or you. Staying in a boutique hotel. What in that area is extraordinarily that you could connect with to add to your retreat to make it stand down. And i'm add one other quick things that my whole travel. Philosophy can be summed up in one quote by marching in. Which i really love and it goes like this. Adventure is a path real adventure self-determined in self-motivated often risky forces you to have first hand encounters with the world the world as it is not the way you imagine it. Your body will combine with the earth. And you'll bear witness in this way. You'll be compelled to grapple with limitless kindness and bottomless cruelty of humankind. Perhaps realized that you yourself capable of both this will change you and nothing again will ever be black and white and we travel john. That's we wonder. And that's why retreats route so important and why we need to create them so out of the box fire nation..

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