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Mobster and could have been a russian mobster tough guy with a gun on him and then seaton's honest mccauley konkan kick yeah and mccauley kok it has a hole in his movie home alone that had bothered him is entire life yeah uh that this kid kevin mcallister did i he's there and the his parents forget him at home and he's got these two burglars who are trying to break into the house and the kid out smarts them at every possible terni draws up the most amazing diabolical traps that these students any doesn't put some through this absolute torture fest for two hours uh and all of the time the kid could have just picked up the phone and call the cops and that's bothered mccauley clock in a year ireland he's like i just can't get it out of my head beyond he just call the cops you can order pizza to do all of this stuff built a new wing on the house but couldn't call hillpeko just call the police to be like hey my parents forgot me and i don't know where they are or others bad guys trying to break into my house it is a great movie though great movie just got a little bit of a whole and yeah i wonder as ever anybody compiled a list of great movies with a like a big hole in us call the internet oh essentially what it was founded on i think you are like shawshank redemption has a big one the one bit of yeah i don't know if you want me to know no go ahead spoiler sure yeah how did andy defraigne get the poster back on the wall from inside the tunnel that he dug boom in howen the warden rips what say you fussy bridges british poster off the post together raquel wealth and they discover the tunnel yeah i was he able to put it back up so smooth and perfect from inside the tunnel you can't mm yeah they're held the plot hall literally literally platt tunnel no like at the apple.

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