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Your point. It's a responsible point. Someone's going to get hurt. But the executives football baseball players, many of the other major points. They'd notice. But you know what the problem is. First of all, it takes up a slide of TV time. It fills the sleight of TV time. They have to fill programming, right? Everyone needs programming if you own a network. So it is cheap compared to the hockey and basketball baseball and football boy, even though it's 90,000 they got to pay on top 5 a year or 90 million upside 90 million, a year or whatever. That's what it was at the beginning. And they had a four year deal that they extended to 7 years. It's still small compared to the other major sports that finds what they have to pay for programming. But what the problem is, if it was the other sports, the executives would notice, and they would watch. They don't watch. They don't give a damn. They don't watch boxing. And they don't know boxing. It's the truth. They know something about baseball. Something about bears pose some about hockey. Some about football, of course. You know, you're familiar. You brought up with it. But boxing, no. They really don't know. So they don't know really what's good or bad. And you get a con artist like Aaron, who's really, really good. 70 years in a business of bringing guys along of conning people of knowing how to make how to make this thing like that movie years ago, the sting with Robert Redford and Paul Newman. It was a great movie, just think of one another Academy Award. Where he knows how to do the hustle. You know what I mean? He knows how to schmooze. He knows how to talk to these guys. Even when it comes to the commentary. Again, if they heard some of the commentary once in a while, I'm not necessarily saying to them. I'm saying across the board. But because you got a couple of X fight instead ESPN know what the hell did they do a good job? But then some of the other guys, and again, with some of the other networks too, if you heard some of these things, sometimes you scratch your head. What the freak is he talking about? What fight is it called? Now, again, if an executive was even up watching, would stand not for boxing. They all for baseball football basketball, but not for this. But if they were, they would say, wait, that don't sound right. But when they hear something that's a little bit ridiculous, they don't know it's ridiculous. Again, enough familiar with the sport of pugilism. So they don't know. They don't know if it's David's good, bad and different. They don't know. And that's the problem. That's why they're going to burn it up again. They're going to burn it up again, you watch. Mark my words mark this date down that on this day, teddy Atlas said that ESPN is going down the same route that they went down in the 70s and 80s and I don't know how long it's going to take against at least 7 years because they got a 7 year contract. But eventually they're going to realize that they're going to wise up and they're going to see the bottom line and they're going to say, oh my God, all we do is put on one sided fights. So top leg can build up that fight. So they can have a stable fighters of champions and we're being used. And you know what? The public. You guys, you're being used to. I mean, some of you are smart enough to get off the train. Get off the track before you get run over by the train. The train that's going to put you to sleep to try and cause some. That's the name of his salmon eggs to express, by the way. Yeah, you're smart enough to see and say, hey, I ain't painted to this. I'm not buying into this. But a lot of fans go along. They love to spot. They go along, it takes them a long time to wise up. But they make it suck 'cause really. They've been done as well. They're good at it. They're making suckers out of everybody. They really are. And again, you get a bone. You get the bone every once, okay. Appreciate it, I wish there was a little more meat on the bone, but hey, it's nice to get a bone. Every once in a while. But I had to say that, you know, it's the truth. It's one of the reasons why I'm not commenting or commentating anymore. Obviously there. But now we'll get to the pedraza. Comey fight can it was a solid fight. It was a good fight. It was well matched. We always give bravos to the UFC matchmaker, makes a lot of good matches. Well, they made a good match here. It was a real good solid fight, two former champions, and a bit of a crossroads fight, like you just said appropriately, where a fighter urgency for both guys career and I thought I thought from the outset the way I handicapped it the way I tweeted on the fight. So I said a lot of this stuff early. The problem was I was tweeting, I was tweeting and sending them out to Italy and rob was sleeping already. So I and Ian Mackey, the Grady and Mackey. He was helping. He's Stanford. Yeah, Stanford guy. He's a genius, that's beyond us. He should be at Nassau, not working with teddy Atlas and can write out. But anyway, he got him up, but he was going out to dinner too. So he got him up afterwards, so I did them live to the fight, but then he put them up a little bit afterwards. And listen, it wasn't a million people watching this, but again, we're doing this show because every fan out there, we want to satisfy everyone. We want to consider everyone. We want to respect everyone. So we know there's going to be fans out there that are going to talk about this fight, even if it's not as many as last week when we got 300,000 views. But we still value that we bring you the information that data to the fights that you guys look for. So we were doing this fight again. It was just like I tweeted it was a well matched fight. I gave Pedro to the edge and be integrity better more rounded more dimensional. He had legs, he could use the ring. The other guy called me was more one dimensional, but being also a southpaw had that dimension to him too. And he is the South Pole. I want to be sure. Just verify that for me, Ken, as I'm talking.

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