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Hey, PMT gang. Please tell us when you're last sneeze was in rate it on scale of one to ten last one being awful and ten being incredible last night. And it was a solid three solid three. Yeah. Solid three so bad. Yeah. Okay. Usually that's not the adjective before. No. So it was a banger of three. It was just a hard core of a three as you can get perfect three. Yeah. I had one two days ago that was like probably four and a half. What about you, Hank? I want a couple of weeks ago on the show. Like a tent you a sneezing fit on the show. Yeah. You did. I like sneezing fit. Yeah, they're great. Although the seizing fit that leads to a cold like the trigger. You know, when you when you get a cold, and it's all you can all link it back to like one sneezing fit and two days before like I just haven't been able to clear my nose since. Oh, Adam sick. And those you know, what the the issue is I find that the quality of my sneeze is directly proportional to the peop-. Around me. So if I'm by myself, oh, you let it loose. I let it loose. It's always attend. Does. Leroy, get scared of sneezes. No, he doesn't. But I was gonna say you never see a dog have a bad sneeze. Yeah. Because they don't give shoot. And they're they'll sneeze right in your face. And they don't think it's gross like come on just bucolic me with your snot. But no, I actually grabbed still snout and she'd sneezes cute. Could you explain what happened between you guys and dude perfect? Oh, good question. Yeah. They are fucking moron. Stoler store whole bread and butter. Yes. So we came out with this thing called, bro. Sweet. And it was when we're in Youngstown, right, right? We came out with it. And then it turned out. We won't get one. Everyone responded to like aren't these dude perfect guys? And we're like what we invented this and turns out someone else invented it. No. But seriously, I just we were just sick of them because we're assholes and cynics and eventually if someone gets an popularity like fuck that. But seriously fucked does I mean, it's ridiculous. They make so much money off nothing. It's twenty million dollars. You don't have to you. It takes all day. It's all it's all day. They they rent the fucking helicopter all day to throw it through a basketball hoop. That's not socially or economically reasonable. I also think it's very weird that they started this when they were in college who has full days to. Vote in their calendars just like throwing a nerve football through a basketball hoop from sixty yards away in the middle of a golf course yet who does that in college, right? There's Infinity other things you should be doing in college. Oh, also, the real reason is we thought the guy with the ginger beard. He was bossing everyone around Was she the the real real real. really like this guy? Fuck him. Where's he get off? Yeah. We we actually put ourselves in the bodies of the twins. And we're like this is bullshit, man. I'd be pissed off if I was one of those twins. Yeah. They made them go to like dad camp one time or no no man camp. Did they watch their show? Yeah. I hate to pay those guys every every sings talented, if we're going to be honest here. Hey, guys, especially simple cat as a girl football. But am I qualified to wear football guys guy shirt? Love you guys. Yes. Definitely especially because then you let every guy not like you love football guys. Find that really really attractive. You gotta clip right? Basically do. Yup. It's horny as you get horny as hell when you see a girl be like football did say on. That's a that's actually a that's that's four plate for many men. I've Wolfer you guys..

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