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When I first read Governor Evers initial Statement. I just stick my head. Guys, This isn't helpful. This is this is insightful. My initial statement was asking for calm on all five. I was asking for people to allow justice. Our system the chance to work to provide the type of justice that we all want to give the facts to find out exactly what happened. I just feel story for Just about everybody involved. Step for the riders, except for those who have incited all this, But you know, people come up and start protecting their property. Then get caught up in this stuff. I mean, the parents of people just it's just a tragedy. Piled on top of tragedy. And why do we have these tragedies Because elect officials across the country have not stepped up the plate and have not maintained or know that, in fact, they had both a TTE, least in the case of Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes, they encouraged Dis Order they encourage disorder. People protecting their property have been accused of being vigilantes, people protecting their homes accused of being vigilantes. That isn't what a vigilante is Someone practicing home defense. Personal defense under the law, and the Constitution are not vigilantes, vigilantes or people who decide they're going to make up the law because they're not happy with the way the law is, and then they go out to execute it. That's not What people who are protecting businesses in Kenosha. We're doing that what the mob was doing, though they don't like the law. They decided to take the law into their own hands, and they have decided that they're mob justice in the form of burning buildings, looted businesses and people beaten within an inch of their lives is the way it's going to be. Now, that's there, there a mob, But they sure come closer to vigilante than the folks protecting businesses in Kenosha again when, when the elected officials don't protect Streets when they don't accept their responsibility and make sure that they provide the overwhelming manpower to keep peace When you have Mob rules trying to take over. What do those elected officials expect ordinary citizens are going.

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