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I. It's you know we haven't come to the answer to this does come down to two. I trust law enforcement to do the right thing with us information because if you do then you want them to have information to solve crimes right and then. What's the additional cost. If this were to be put into place from a taxation standpoint i realize i i've been You must think. I have horrible neighbors. Because i told the story about the other neighbor who stole our cat and now yes it is watch the shows i do have. Some of the neighbors are great. Foul life in suburbia is just marvelous. These days i i live in suburbia. No you live in exeter bia. You're on an island that's not suburbia enfield's various. You're the country. They would like to think that but it's not true all right so ring cameras stated it depends on if you trust sorry consumer iot devices to livestream the police. It's uncomfortable i don't like it. You know what else is uncomfortable. This is now the most viewed video on youtube which is often no not that gonna turn on him. I said i'm going to turn on sound. Wait a minute. I one time we forget to check the sound..

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