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So go check it out. Come see us do this shit live. It's usually interesting to say the least swerved check it out, and we've got some, some fun things to include for the for the live shows as well. So definitely check those out. And then go over to the Heimer building on Sunday doors at six show at seven four. Another booze clues this our third episode. We're going to be recording. So go to the dark room and check us out. You can be in the crowd as we investigate the world's most spirited headlines. On the last one. That's right. And we talked you give to be Nick age. That's gold said on there like we're doing booze clues. But he could easily been cocaine clues. I mean like its cage. Yeah. All right. So getting to thrones yet we want to talk about the controversy on the on the last episode. I get that out of the way, I think kind of. Kind of on everybody's? It's ridiculous. Is there anybody that signed that petition going around say to reduce season? They were doing a petition before the finale that's just picked up steam, sorry that you're dragging show, you know, Indian do way that you wanted to do. Firefly got one-season. Yeah. I'll e by friend nameless. But he pretty much said that if we're already spoiler alert that point of we're spoilers. He pretty much say that if John snow, the show didn't end with him on the throne that he takes back everything he ever said good about the show and my thing is so show that you've watched for years and years, because of being unpredictable and not going to direction you want. If it doesn't go the direction you want. Then fuck that show that doesn't make any fucking set. You could I could not have said it any better like the fact that John snow was the obvious choice for the throne was a guaranteed was not going to be the person on the throne hall. Misdirect. Yeah. Again, there's a lot of misdirection. I mean, I honestly didn't think that he would be on the throne, but I didn't expect brand. I think I I yelled at the TV I would just like what I wasn't. Stoked out brand. The more it went into the seasons, probably like episode three, I'm just like, you know, dude, I personally really want. John to be outcome of him on the throne, and then it was said, perfectly in little meeting. Brought Tyrian out and everything and I wasn't expecting brand. That was like the huge surprise for me. And I love being surprised by show that does has surprised me in the past a lot. But not like I don't like to the extent that they did with him. But also like he was right. That was the wheel need to be broken like the whole bloodline thing automatic grants. You write a passion to be the king, and he was the only person left to have the right as far as by that mentality to be king, but, like the whole introduction voting and all that stuff in, like how they laugh at we should create democracy. Old white men. Where where where we are? Yeah. Exactly close home. And also, the fact that, that guy shot down, but it did bring up the now, people will be voted in versus being automatically born into being Peter. That is not suited to be a leader. So that was really cool. He can't pass down kids. I mean that's the thing. I mean. Before I get to my other sausa- being like his dicta at work. Out. Had the same reaction when it happened. What the? Bucket out like that. Something we talked about after the meeting. Just because my legs don't work. Shit. Don't dig don't work. All right. But the other thing of, you know, saying, oh, brand has the who has the best. It's like you got aria she joined murder Colt and kill the knights king. And then sauna mice king. It was so nice. Humira friends. He just wanna make night in ice. Yeah. So yes, she killed the mates king, and then sauna everything that she went through John. He with. Reborn. He was came back from the dead. He's a fucking zombie. Now. They all have great sores oh brand. Got pushed out of a, because he saw these two people fucking. Oh, okay. That's a cool story king. I was a little bit disappointed with the kind of like impotent way that they treated John snow towards the end of the series. Like, what it started to remind me of is a little higher learning. John snow, is the Nazi where like at first Beninese. Yeah. That sounds like a good idea. I guess I'll do that. And then people like DNR is fucking evil. You should kill her. Sounds like a good idea. I think I'll do that. Just got pushed around in the end. They're like, yeah, you're going back to the Nightwatch dick for doing this stuff. I just followed. I just did what everyone told me to do now. I will say it looked like he was kinda kinda bitch out there till the very end of conversation Tyrian when it came up are your sisters going to do are the ability, and that was a turning point because up to that point like what can I do? Girlfriend, and she's, you know. Well, I mean your girlfriend's gonna fucking murder the last bits of your family. You might wanna like step up to the plate bitch. I mean. Yeah. Like seriously like that's and that's the turning point four. But I mean most of that conversation he's having what you're in. You're just like God damnit, he's I can do shit, you. Well, I think you could also see that conflicted with them when, you know, she's saying, her little conquering speech of how they're gonna conquer everything. She says from winter fell to Dohrn they go to him. He's just kind of like, hey, I don't I don't like that winter, we, we, we hold up different winter, Phil. I don't know about 'cause. I how how Di pretty. Like the two blood strand down her mouth and like everyone else has been gutted before. Like throwing spray coughing. Like in John's face. Yeah. No. She was like tool drips dribbles down. Really fuck this. I thought for a minute, they're gonna aria was gonna show up right after that. And they were gonna lift her up and do a wing Bernie's thing, where she walks out of the crowd, and says, I'm good. You should go and drag it just by the way in charge. Now, let's just walk around a little bit. Oh, speaking of aria that leads me up to I am a little bummed about they, they didn't touch into her Merckel side, sincere six and the season six, when that was when I wish you killed what fed what's his face is his sons right in the pies like that was the last time you saw utilize that. And there's tons of times could utilize getting a seven. I mean she literally takes out that whole house. So at the beginning seven six okay. Well, seven when lake six beginning of seven okay. That's That's what what I I meant. meant. He's like, let's drink. We've talking did it. We murdered children and women and they're like cool. I guess I'll drink and then everybody's dead. So it's like I feel like with how much was going on it with the story moved like that could have been utilized. You know, some when she was walking through the crowd with the hound. She could have looked like a very tiny Searcy or something. Somehow use that implement that really cool skill. Yeah. I mean, I feel like there was a lot with a plot that just kinda got pushed to the side, but I feel like her conversation with a hand at the very end though he saying, like, you know, I don't have anything else to live were, because my whole entire life is revenge. And I have no happiness, no joy, no love or anything. I mean, do you really want my life, and she just was kind of like a like I do have more to. And it was a very humanizing moment for her that she chose I guess, chose life rather than revenge in her. Listen, he was like, well, he's probably dead already. So with a fucker you gonna do now own fuck more. Pretty great. I'd like to do that again. Although she made a mistake, not going to Padre that night. Mistake that moment between her though, in the hound that, that was, what am I favor of the season? Just. Yeah. Like we're he's about leave it. She actually uses his Dame in, like thanks him. And like you have that moment where like he actually affected someone without, you know stabbed him. The face eight times. Or fear. That was the only thing you've ever done this scare people. I mean she had some of the best mode of the season, you know, I mean, obviously in the long night, you know, the not not today like oh, yeah. What are we seeing? Let me erection. And I mean you look at the hound, and he's just he's the one that's like we're fucked fucked. And she's the one that's like motherfucker stand up and stopped being like we'd gotta take on the shit. Yeah. Yeah. Or, you know, when the whole thing at the battle of winter fell, and everything is on fire, and he's having this exiling attack and Barrick just is like, you know, yes, there's a lot still to fight for you think she's giving up so that his, he had one of the best arcs of this whole entire series one that wasn't dropped like Jamie. Agree agree. I loved down story, art. Yeah. The tar series I think that was one of the best complete arcs of any of the characters in the show. I think he had the best and the most complete because from the beginning of the series to how he went out, like boss. Yeah. He I think he's the only one I think, has the best closer of this whole series. I think the pairing of aria and him was perfect, because when he would roll up somewhere shit's going to start immediately aria was the stealth mode. So just having both of them kind of intersect, you know, like he came in. He was unlike disguised or anything like that. He was like your content killing you and that was it like, you know, aria mask or whatever. So I love how much said Khan in that, that show like every other seriously. Also, I do want to talk about fuck. Boy, McGee a little bit, Jamie. Conflicted about how they turned back on his redemption ark because on one end I feel like redeemable like his character is irredeemable for what he's done. So it's like okay, cool. So I don't have to fake feeling good. That he's improved fuck. You, you you've done too much to be redeemable through. So I was okay with him being just this broken fucking person. That's like hanging out in love and on his sister girlfriend. Well, the baby. Yeah. Grows incest, when the walls fell, and that's and that's actions wide. Probably one of the biggest issues. I actually had with the finale was like that whole scene of her writing all this extra shit in the goddamn book of nights and all that the song of ice and fire book. I'm like fuck that I fuck him he doesn't fuck, Jamie. We're watching it. I tried to not do too much commentary. But when she's right down I, I had to put, and he's got a small penis, and just like free rate. Sister. Yeah. From our like, what ever the fuck. She wanted. The burn book for mingles. Oh my. I'm sorry, but that was just so unnecessary because fuck, Jamie. Never never wanted. I feel good for Jamie any way throughout the entire series. I never did he lost his hand. He tried. He helped people with helping people doesn't make you a good person. He takes virginity literally like sorry, hip. Yeah. Play gotta play. Yeah. I mean because my girl is Brian so was like, heartbroken for her, because it was a lot for her admit that I'm very conflicted, though, because I enjoyed Jamie's arc so much. His I, I disagree. I feel like he was redeemable in a way. But then. I don't know. He just as soon as he's like men, baby. I'm not a good person and just fuck off back to serve. I was like that. I was so let down by because I did agree. I thought he had a really good Arken. I thought they dropped it. Yeah. It's like the classic as of like. Good. That's what he said. Shits bad. Good. Were they were going for? And I feel like they kind of missed it. There was a nuance to that scene that could have improved it a little bit that it was blessed so about him be like, well, now I got to get a taste. I'm done a put it more like that. He feels like he doesn't deserve that kind of life that he could have with her and feels like he's, he's he is redeem -able in his own mind. And so that's why leaves because it's doesn't want to bring her down with him if they put that term I feel better about the scene..

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