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There is familiar show to people and i suppose it was his most popular show although i actually spoke to two nights ago and he was saying to me how he just really really doesn't want to do any hand breakdown anymore. He's preparing some hand material for his upswing lab which i think he's going to launch is going to have a lot of the new grand new match content in there and i guess that's monetize that's his business model so i suppose that's him getting back to work but when it comes to just like making those videos where i suppose by his own admission. It was like. How'd you play your misplayed jack all the time. He just has no low for that anymore. So i think maybe coming up the news. From a satirical point of view suits on the podcast. Maybe wear long form. He can flex in different directions and we wish him all the best with that. The winning i wanna point very leave. This is he did a very quick thumbnail. And what. I say Headline i suppose about having a grand. New has not worn in eight years. Not one at home in eleven years goes i think he ru- like we've been saying this for two months now. So you know. Thomas keeling on the last show said that we were in danger of burying the lead. We we lead with this quite a bit before. The people i think don't jinx didn't they are using. Is stephanie. not because we have probably mentioned streak in every piece of content that we made for the last few months. He ruined everything he he got. His big mouth is big. Lower is big home nail artist to make that. Now we all look stupid. I almost happy. I'm almost happy that one just the we don't have to hear about this story anymore but the district as somebody who had a few streets myself. I do find myself eating a bit of sympathy for him. Which i never never expected to fail for middle-aged multimillionaire diagram new bus. Yeah it was funny. It lasted bush. I think maybe maybe the joke was what went on just a little bit too long. I was okay at the joke on. A little longer appeals to have daniel as we've alluded to their did manage to last the longest in a smaller field. I think there was maybe twenty something unique thirty five entrance totally took down the fifty k. Poker go cook talk a little bit about poker. Go again later in the show bush in this one he. He did manage to take down the tournament and straight into the hundred k..

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